The 6 Best Players of the LEC Spring Split 2022

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) is resuming with the start of the 2022 Spring Split. There have been a lot of changes in the offseason, and with a whole new year ahead of us, the fun is guaranteed. Some of the older veterans have left and young guns are rising to challenge for the championship.

As a result, a new list of players has been shaping the LEC. These players have thus far wowed fans with their remarkable displays of skill. They may not all be among the current leaderboard leaders, but their team’s ranking should not be their main measuring stick. Instead, these six players shine brightest from a combination of their individual mechanics, game awareness, and how significantly they impact the result of their matches. When it comes to any bet on League of Legends, these individuals should be your main choice. Also, make sure to look particularly closely at some of the new entries, as they might become the superstar for your fantasy League.

Best LEC Players in LEC 2022 Spring


Starting off our list, we have the Turkish top laner Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik. After playing for Schalke04 last season, he joined G2 Esports as their starting top laner, showing off how much he has improved over the years. Despite a rough start by the team, he has been a key to their success during the 2022 Spring Split. He has the highest damage output out of all top laners, and his stats are top 3 or top 4 in almost all metrics. (CS/min, KP, Gold/min)

But what makes BrokenBlade such a valuable player for me is his flexibility. In a meta where most top laners default to bruisers and tanks, BrokenBlade has played almost any type of champion, including the more “unorthodox” ones, like Corki and Akshan. His adaptability can be an insane weapon coming into the latter stages of the split, especially if G2 is willing to give him favorable matchups he can abuse. BB is one of the best LEC Players when it comes to the top lane role, so keep an eye out on him during this season.


Fans were being skeptical about Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong coming into the LEC. Everyone thought he was a downgrade to Inspired, who joined Evil Geniuses over in North America. Even in our LEC Power Rankings 2022, we thought Rogue was downgraded in the offseason. To everyone’s surprise, however, Malrang has been getting used to the European environment so quickly that his play has been top-tier right off the bat.

While his stats may not be super exciting, Malrang’s supportive and utility playstyle is perfect for a team like Rogue who has enough firepower in other roles. In fact, he tops in terms of KDA and Average Vision Score by a long margin (1.85, 2nd place is 1.62). Acting as a bridge for his team, the Korean player ensures his team gets the resources needed to take over the game and win.

We’ll have to see if Malrang can also show his super carry performances in the future, but so far, he’s making people forget about losing the best jungler from the LEC.


Marek “Humanoid” Brázda left MAD Lions to join Fnatic ahead of the 2022 season. With that being said, changing the team did not change Humanoid’s individual level of play, as he was already considered the best mid laner in the LEC last year. It’s insane how the Czech mid laner has been reigning in almost every metric. From damage output, Gold Diff @15min, Gold/min, Humanoid is the number 1 in all these departments.


Credits: @LoLEsports

As a result, laning wise, the FNC midlaner is projected to become the “Chovy” of the LEC. He might not be as clean, but the individual potential is there. The organization definitely made the best pick-up possible in the offseason: we’ll see whether this is the year Fnatic returns to glory.


Speaking of Fnatic, we cannot forget about Elias “Upset” Lipp. Last year, he carried Fnatic on his back the whole season. Now that he has an insane roster of players around him, Upset will be having the time of his life on the team. Individually, Upset is the best laning ADC in the LEC, topping the [email protected] and CS Diff @15. In particular, he farms so well that he gapped the second one (Carzzy) by 9 cs. In such a high level of play, this is pretty insane.

Not only that, but Upset also packs the highest KDA out of all the players in the LEC. The way he positions in fights and never dies is pretty insane: an average of 0.4 deaths per game is not something common you see everyday. With some of the best LEC players like Upset and Humanoid on the roster, Fnatic can only aim for victory.


Out of all the players in the LEC this year, Comp is by far the most surprising one. Joining Rogue to replace Hans Sama from Vitality, no one expected him to become the best performing ADC in the league. Only second to Upset in terms of laning phase, Comp really shines in the later stages of teamfights.

The Greek ADC always delivers when he gets the resources: he’s the number 1 in gold/min, KP, dmg/min and gold [email protected] min out of all the bot laners in the LEC. Yes, Rogue is still without a loss in its scoreboard, but it is also true that Comp has been playing phenomenally so far, as his value skyrockets in the LEC player rankings 2022. Rogue has found two worthy substitutes of Hans Sama and Inspired: will this be the year Rogue not only wins the regular split but also the playoffs? Only time will tell us… but for now, Comp and Rogue are the best team in Europe.

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