LEC Power Rankings 2023 – Who is going to MSI in May?

The 2023 LEC Spring Split Power Rankings are here! The League of Legends competitive season in the European League recently finished its first-ever Winter Split. After a two-week break, teams will be fighting for the Spring Split trophy and a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational, which is taking place in London.

Even though we have already seen the teams’ values in the first split, there are major changes that can mess up the expected pecking order.  Whether you’re trying to understand which teams are stronger, or looking to make the best out of your LoL betting predictions, this should help you get a better idea ahead of the start to the Spring Split.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

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10. Astralis

It was so hard to decide which team will end up in last place, especially given that you don’t really expect XL Esports or Fnatic to repeat the disastrous start in the LEC Winter Split. With that in mind, the only team which I see struggling is Astralis.

Considering that mid laner Dajor is evaluating other opportunities, it’s still uncertain who is going to be the new starting mid laner. Unless it’s a superstar talent, it’s hard to see Astralis getting to playoffs once again, unless other top teams plummet.

9. Team Heretics

Team Heretics had a decent start to their 2023 season, managing to qualify for the Winter Groups. That said, they were soundly beaten by SK Gaming, showing how the team still needs time to find the right balance.

We’ve seen some good stuff by some of the newcomers like Jackspektra and Ruby, but their inexperience also emerged throughout the split. While they do have the potential to improve over the year, it’s still hard to see them getting into the top half of the pack immediately. They might have the potential to make some upsets, but lack the consistency that other teams have.

8. Fnatic

It’s so weird to put Fnatic so low in the LEC Power Rankings, considering that the team has some of the best individual talents in the game. That said, the recent results in LEC Winter Split, coupled with the rumors about the disaster behind the scenes on the management side, putting Fnatic anything above eighth place seems exaggerated and far too optimistic.

Oscaririn and Advienne will have a great chance to prove themselves but they will also face an enormous amount of pressure, as they will have to lift up Fnatic back to where they usually belong. The head coach Nightshare will have to find a quick and effective fix for the team, or he will be caught in the eye of the storm quickly.

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7. XL Esports

Even though XL Esports had shown worse performances than Fnatic in the LEC Winter Split, we started seeing a new version of the team at the very end of the split, when they were able to go head-on with Vitality. We believe that this will be the value that XL will show going into Spring. Thanks to the arrival of the new head coach Hidon, as well as the new support (which should be former BDS player LIMIT), XL should break free from the bottom of the pack.

LEC power rankings

Image Credits | Michal Konkol/Riot Games

While it’s still far away from the expectations that were set at the start of 2023, this can be the springboard for a more successful team later into the season.

6. Team BDS

Team BDS were one of the great surprises in the LEC Winter Split. Not only did they end up in the top half of the regular split but they were also able to fight with the top teams in the Best-of series. That said, teams were able to gradually find strategies to counter them, and coupled with some misplays by the team, the team only managed to get seventh place.

team bds lec power rankings

Image Credits | Team BDS

Having said that, there is a good base and young talents like Sheo have proved their worth on the rift. Crownie was one of the best ADCs in the league and a truly consistent presence, showing that he’s still LEC-worthy.

The main question mark will be around Adam, who is known for his high highs and low lows. His level of performance will directly impact Team BDS’ entire split as a whole, so keep an eye on him.

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5. SK Gaming

SK Gaming are finally a top-half team, and it’s the best news you could give to an org that always struggled in the bottom half. The impression is that SK deserved to be there, despite some ups and downs. They have gathered some reliable talent and the Exakick-Doss experiment worked super well. They were the core of the team that carried them to third place in the regular split.

While they didn’t have the same showing in groups, the team still has a solid lineup overall and a great coach like Swiffer to lead them. If SK wants to aim for the title or a top-three finish, then this is probably the year to do it.

4. Team Vitality

After the initial dominant start by Vitality, the team fell off once teams have started figuring out the way to beat them. The botlane was unfortunately underperforming, especially compared to the top side of the map, which led to Neon getting benched after playing one split.

Now that Upset has joined Vitality, this lineup will have even more firepower. If Kaiser can finally step up now that engage supports are back in the meta, then the team has serious chances of competing.

All things considered, though, Vitality has somewhat failed expectations last split, so it’s probably better to be conservative with their rankings for this upcoming split. If things click, though, then we might witness a new title contender.

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3. KOI

KOI had a major resurrection towards the end of the regular split, which saw them getting into groups at the very last moment. The team clearly stepped up later than anyone else, and we started seeing glimpses of last year’s Rogue which won their first-ever LEC title. If the meta continues to be bot-centric, it won’t be surprising to see them in the top spots of the league.

Now that the team has found its form, KOI will be a scary lineup to watch out for in spring. They might not be immediately successful, but you can be sure they will be ready to fight when playoffs are around.

2. MAD Lions

Despite the various roster changes over the years, MAD Lions always find a way to be successful, thanks to its great coaching staff. Regardless of the players’ characteristics, they are able to find a winning formula that works. Unfortunately, it feels like the team still needs a little more work to see the real potential.

Lec power rankings elyoya

Image Credits | Riot Games

We started seeing some of the limits that the team has when Elyoya gets shut down, so that is something that MAD will have to work on. Aside from that, the team does have some weird moments, caused by individual mistakes or excessive aggression (looking at you, Hylissang).

That said, there is no doubt that the Lions are ready to roar, and with their second-place finish in Winter, they will have the highest chances of becoming the second team that flies to London for MSI.

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1. G2 Esports

G2 proved once again why they are the No. 1 team in the LEC. Not only did they beat MAD Lions and all the teams in the best-of series but they dominated their enemies, giving the impression that no one can even come close to them. Aside from a few weird moments, G2 seems to know exactly what they should be doing and how they should do it, at all times.

Yike, in particular, performed extremely well as a rookie, hoping that he can improve even more the more experience he gains. With G2 already locking their spot at the Mid-Season Invitational, they should be more relaxed in the upcoming spring split. It will be important to see whether that will impact their performance positively (or negatively).

The general impression, however, is that this G2 lineup has the potential to compete with the best teams in the world, as we are hoping they can triumph at the international stages.

LEC Power Rankings Archive

LEC 2023 Winter Split Power Rankings

10. Team BDS

Unfortunately, someone will have to finish at the bottom of the pack and for this winter split, it’s probably going to be Team BDS.

The Swiss organization finished 9th and 10th is in its first year on the LEC franchise and it looks like they are bound to yet another split fighting for those positions.

Image Credits | Team BDS Youtube

Team BDS have brought back Adam to the main roster, as well as jungler Sheo and ADC player Crownie. Labrov will compete the bottom lane, with only NUCLEARINT (now renamed to nuc) the returning member from last year.

While Team BDS is giving chances to young players to show their worth, many other LEC teams have invested heavily on established or top-tier talents. Team BDS will have to hope that the team gels well and that their synergy can allow them to get out of the bottom of the standings.

9. Astralis

Astralis are entering the 2023 season with a new top laner and jungler. Finn is replacing Vizicsacsi while 113 took the vacant spot left by Xerxe. Dajor (MID), Kobbe (ADC) and JeongHoon (SUPP) are the returning members.

Despite finishing ninth in the standings in 2022 Summer, Astralis still had a relatively positive record with 7 wins on their tally. While the lineup can be considered an overall upgrade compared to last year’s, it’s probably not enough. The main question mark and the key to success will be on 113: the Turkish player comes from a mediocre season on KCorp and going against one of the most stacked jungle pools in recent LEC history will be a true challenge for him.

8. SK Gaming

SK Gaming’s best pickup during the off-season is none other than Markoon. The Dutch jungler had a strong season on XL Esports and has been on a growing trend ever since joining the LEC.

Alongisde him, SK have picked up former MSF top laner Irrelevant and the former LDLC OL bot lane of Exakick (ADC) and Doss (SUPP). Sertuss (MID) and Gillius (JGL) are returning members on the roster, although the latter should be substitute of Markoon in 2023.

Compared to AST and BDS, SK’s roster seems to have a higher potential if things go the right way. Exakick and Doss dominated in the LFL and Irrelevant has already some experience on the LEC stage. If Markoon is performing well and lead the team, then we might also see SK compete with other teams for playoffs.

7. Team Heretics

Out of all the LEC rosters, Team Heretics is certainly one to be hyped about. The new organization will field an interesting mix of players, with former DFM top laner Evi, former G2 jungler Jankos and former Misfits support Mersa. In addition to that, HRTS will have former UOL mid Ruby and the franchise player of the org, the ADC Jackspektra.

What’s great about this team is that you have some really experienced veterans that also competed internationally like Evi and Jankos, with young players ready to prove themselves like Jackspektra and Mersa. Pair them with someone who can develop and grow talents like Peter Dunn, and you have a winning combination.

Having said that, bringing the team to its highest potential takes time, and one split might not be enough to get there. For this reason, expect HRTS to start slow and gradually make their way up throughout the season.

6. MAD Lions

MAD Lions managed to keep their star player Elyoya, after turning down the offer made by G2 during the off-season. The Spanish org decided to build its new roster around him, keeping Nisqy in the mid lane and bringing back Carzzy (ADC) after his one-year stint on Vitality.

For the remaining positions, MAD got Hylissang and the Korean top laner Chasy, who previously played for X7 Esports. The latter is known for having a very aggressive playstyle, which be a strong fit for MAD’s current lineup.

Carzzy is more of a weakside player, and both Nisqy and Hylissang have the tendency to move around the map to make plays. If Elyoya and Chasy can coordinate themselves, MAD might be one of the few teams in the LEC to have a top-oriented playstyle: their success will come down to how the meta will shape up during the split.

5. Fnatic

The king is back. After two years between KCorp and G2, Rekkles returns to his home Fnatic. The veteran ADC will be teaming up with Rhuckz, who stepped up for Hylissang during Worlds Play-ins.

Image Credits | Fnatic

The two are the new members compared to last year’s lineup, with Wunder (TOP), Razork (JNG) and Humanoid (MID) remaining. While it’s hype to see Rekkles back in the LEC, there are some potential question marks on this lineup’s success.

Wunder and Rekkles have shown their tendency to play scaling over aggressive picks, which means that Fnatic’s early-mid game agency will be all on Razork and Humanoid. If the jungle-mid duo doesn’t work out as intended, then Fnatic will likely not have what it takes to fight for the top spots.

4. Excel Esports

Excel Esports are one of the big winners in this LEC off-season. They were able to put together a roster of established players that want to aim for the title.

They were able to get their hands on some of the greatest players from all the other LEC rosters, only keeping their star ADC Patrik. Odoamne, Xerxe and Vetheo form a strong trio full of experience, while Targamas will team up with his ADC to become a top-tier bot lane duo.

To put it simply, there are all the elements needed to succeed and aim for a top four finish this season. That said, there are some LEC teams that seem to have even stronger lineups…

3. Team Vitality

Vitality was a little bit of the laughingstock in the past two years, as they were unable to get good results despite having some really formidable talents.

The most exciting member of the new lineup is Bo, the former FPX player that was dominating in the LPL before the scandal happened. Given how he has been dominating the EUW solo queue with his insane mechanics, this jungler might gap the rest of the league by a mile.

Image Credits | Vitality

He’s not the only import Vitality has, as the org brought in former T1 Challengers top laner Photon. If he proves how good he really is, then Vitality’s top side might be the best EU ever had.

What’s great about VIT is that they also have a really solid bot lane, as Neon and Kaiser were consistently delivering last year.

While the team has probably the highest ceiling out of all LEC teams, VIT’s previous failed “super team” experiment raises some doubts. To know whether the third time’s a charm, we will have to wait the start of the split.

2. KOI

After the greatest year Rogue has had in the LEC, it’s sad to see their name gone. The team had just won his first-ever domestic title and was the only western squad to make it to the top eight at Worlds.

Now, Rogue will go by the name of KOI, following the announced partnership from last year. The roster will be essentially the same, with only Szygenda replacing the departing Odoamne up in the top lane.

Given how successful lineup was last year, as well as how Szygenda can be considered a sidegrade to Odoamne, we expect the team to be successful right from the get-go.

If their identity remains the same, then we might witness KOI dominating Bo1s once again during the regular split. Having said that, with the new LEC format, there will be less Bo1 matches, so KOI will have to prove themselves during Bo3s or Bo5s.

1. G2 Esports

While some may disagree, we think that the top spot goes to G2 Esports. The org made the upgrades in the right positions, with a proven bot lane like Hans Sama and Mikyx and one of the most hyped rookies from the ERLs, Yike. The Swedish player has big shoes to fill but with four veterans by his side, he has the perfect environment to thrive and become a top-tier jungler.

The main reason as to why G2 are above KOI lies in their potential adaptability and flexibility. KOI are going to play quite similarly to last year, with a bot-centric playstyle. G2, on the other hand, will likely be able through anyone they want: BrokenBlade can be both a weakside and a strongside top and the same can be said for the bot lane. Regardless of how they will play, G2 will have an edge over the opponents during drafts and this is why they are our number one in the LEC Power Rankings.

We are aware everyone has their own preference, and fandom comes as a big factor when making each seasonal Power Rankings, but we tried to keep objective and analyze the teams’ potential performances based on how they played last year.

LEC 2022 Power Rankings

10. Astralis

Astralis reached their first-ever playoffs in the 2021 LEC Summer Split, giving them good momentum for the upcoming 2022 season. Contrary to most people’s expectations, the organization decided to make substantial changes to its roster. Both mid laner Magifelix and Nukeduck left the organization, together with ADC Jeskla.

Astralis, to replace them, picked up Kobbe and mid laner Dajor. Kobbe previously played for Misfits, so it’s technically a good upgrade from the previous ADC. The big question mark, however, is around Dajor. It feels like it’s still too soon for LEC for him, and there were many more options to take into consideration. With that being said, Astralis might have seen something we don’t know…

9. XL Esports

XL Esports are still trying to break the playoffs curse, after missing them for so many consecutive splits. The roster, however, doesn’t fully convince me. Finn’s addition to the team is definitely positive, but the main question mark is nukeduck. His stint on Astralis wasn’t the greatest, to the point where he became inactive for a while. He’s an old veteran now, after playing for so many years in the competitive scene. He definitely has the experience, but I doubt he will bring anything more than that to the table.

8. Team BDS

Team BDS is the newest addition to the LEC, replacing Schalke04. Despite being a new entry, they did a pretty good job at creating a decent roster with some potential. The most notable being Fnatic’s former top laner Adam, following his drama with the English organization during the off-season. He will re-unite with xMatty and Cinkrof, his old teammates from the Karmine Corp days. Together with former G2 coach Grabbz, they will have a chance to prove themselves, but for now, it’s still pretty unknown.

7. SK Gaming

SK Gaming definitely needs to come back from the disastrous Summer Split from last year, when Treatz roleswapped to the jungle position due to organizational problems. Now that he returns to the support role, and with the god Gillius himself, SK can have a chance to make it to playoffs. With that being said, the mid-pack fight is insanely close and they will likely be out of the top 6.

6. Misfits Gaming

Misfits, unfortunately, lost their best player Razork for 2022. That is a big hit to one of the biggest surprises from last year, after reaching playoffs for two consecutive times and fighting it out with the very best. The org decided to fill his spot with their academy jungler Shlatan as well as changing its bot lane with former S04 ADC Neon and support Nersa, coming from Gamers Origin. The mid and top Vetheo and Hirit will still likely be top-tier players in the role, but I doubt they will do much better than just a playoff finish.

5. Rogue

Rogue had a very similar off season to Misfits, losing both their ADC Hans Sama as well as its jungler Inspired. Despite replacing them with former DWG Kia jungler Malrang and former Vitality ADC Comp, Rogue lost quite a lot of firepower from 2 of their best players. Together with the problems that might arise from importing a Korean player, Rogue will likely be a mid-pack team for the Spring Split.

4. MAD Lions

MAD Lions is the last team that fell into the same category as in the two previously mentioned. Losing both ADC Carzzy and mid laner Humanoid will likely compromise MAD Lions’ streak of success in the LEC from 2021. They are still a very good team, but Reeker and UNF0RGIVEN might need some time to get used to the new competition. It will definitely interesting to see how MAD Lions will grow these talents… if they follow the last two years’ trends, we might be surprised once again.

3. G2 Esports

G2 Esports made the headlines during the off-season after departing with Wunder, Mikyx and Rekkles. Despite the rebuild, they were still able to put together quite a solid roster. BrokenBlade has been a top tier player in the LEC last year, while the bot lane of Flakked and Targamas is a good bet for the future. Nonetheless, this roster can be a double-edged sword: it can be insanely good, but also pretty bad. (for G2’s standards)

G2 Esports LEC Power Rankings 2022

Credits: @G2esports

2. Fnatic

Fnatic is one of the two teams who benefitted the most from the 2021 off-season. Fnatic fully revamped its top side of the map, picking up one of, if not, the best players from other LEC organizations. Wunder, Razork and Humanoid form an insane trio that is easily top 2 in the Europe. Together with arguably the best bot lane in the league, Fnatic has the biggest chance to make an explosive return to the top of the LEC.

1. Team Vitality

The last team left is Team Vitality. From a bottom-tier playoff team, to being the number 1 in the LEC Power Rankings. Fully rebuilding its roster from the ground up, Vitality did a great job at picking up the best available talent from abroad. Alphari and Perkz will return to EU, while Carzzy and Labrov can be a very solid bot lane. It was hard to choose the number 1 between Fnatic and Vitality. The reason ended up being the fact at how valuable players like Alphari and Perkz can be to the team with their extremely vocal personalities. They might not be the best on paper right away, but they should have the highest potential out of any LEC teams. We’ll see if they can meet expectations: the pressure is building up already…

Vitality 2022 LEC Power Rankings

Credits: Team Vitality

We are aware everyone has their own preference, and fandom comes as a big factor when making each seasonal Power Rankings, but we tried to keep objective and keep in mind all the metrics and player performances to date when making ours.

Check back with our Esports News section next week for our first set of LEC Predictions.