Razork unveils what is going wrong with Fnatic

Spanish player and current jungler Razork try to explain on his stream what went wrong with Fnatic in the recent LEC Winter Split.

Image Credits | Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Razork talks about the Fnatic issues on his stream

Fnatic’s jungler opened up to his stream followers after the end of the LEC Winter Split. Fnatic was unable to make it to the top eight and will now have to wait for the upcoming Spring Split with the hopes of bouncing back. The ninth-place finish marks the worst placement Fnatic ever got since joining the LEC, making this result all the more disappointing.

Razork tried to analyze the main issues that caused such a bad run in 2023 so far, claiming that there were both issues in terms of drafts and his underperforming as a player.

“We never understood the patch and we were conditioned by the drafts to the point where games were unplayable. When starting a game, there was only a 30% chance to win the game due to our draft.”

Razork also mentions how the team environment wasn’t helping and that also led to worse results. He also claimed that fans have been toxic and that they would send him death threats even when Fnatic was winning games.

“If I have to rate my split and performance, I think I did very badly. I believe it’s one of the worst splits I had so far in the LEC. I think there have been many factors that have contributed to that. If you know me personally you’d know I don’t care about KDA or being flamed on Twitter.”

He also goes on to say that the only game plan Fnatic had was to pass the ball to Humanoid and hope that he carries the game. The bad drafts and the team not playing the meta picks were also the reasons why Razork didn’t play Champions Queue. “I didn’t play on CQ because people there train things that are meta and it didn’t matter to me. Why would I train with a Heimer-Caitlyn or Lucian-Nami bot lane if we weren’t going to play it?”

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Razork thinks the team gave up too quickly

The Spanish jungler thought that the team lacked the ambition to revert the situation: “I had the impression that people would give up too quickly. We are in Berlin, doing what should be considered a dream… but I don’t know, people gave up too soon. I tried to encourage the team and push them, also during the games, but everything was very difficult.”

Overall, Razork thinks he gave his 100% and more than that, but the stress got up to him. He felt like he had to do more, but it ended up having the opposite effect, causing him to underperform more.

Image Credits | Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Despite trying to resolve the issues, the team was unable to reach an agreement on how to play the game, leading to a negative atmosphere all the time

He ended his thoughts by saying that he doesn’t know what will happen in the near future and if Fnatic will make any roster moves before the next split.

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