League of Legends Clash Schedule 2024 – Everything you need to know

When is Clash coming back to League of Legends in 2024? Here’s everything we know about the 5vs5 game mode in the new season.

Image Credits | Riot Games

League of Legends Clash in 2024

The League of Legends 2024 season is well underway and aside from the new items and map layout, Riot is also bringing back Clash. The 5v5 tournaments will allow players to form their own teams and compete for rewards and the adrenaline of playing as one squad for one common goal: victory.

Riot lowered the frequency of Clash tournaments last year, making the tournaments happen around once a month instead of a biweekly schedule. This means that we will be getting a total of 11 Clash tournaments in 2024: 7 on Summoners’ Rift, 4 on the Howling Abyss, for the love of ARAM players.

Below you can find the full schedule for Clash tournaments taking place in LoL in 2024.

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LoL Clash 2024 Schedule

  • Noxus Cup – Jan 27-28
  • Shurim Cup – Feb 24-25
  • ARAM Cup 1 – Mar 23-24
  • Piltover Cup – April 13-14
  • MSI Clash – May 4-5
  • ARAM Cup 2 – June 15-16
  • Demacia Cup – July 20-21
  • Shadow Isle Cup – August 10-11
  • ARAM Cup 3 – August 31-September 1
  • Zaun Cup 3 – Nov 16-17
  • ARAM Cup 4 – Dec 14-15

What is Clash in League of Legends?

LoL Clash is an in-game tournament organized by Riot Games where you can get the experience of playing in a competitive environment with your friends or teammates. By forming teams of five and having similar skill levels clash against each other, normal players can play and feel the adrenaline of playing in teams and compete for victory.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Matches are always held on weekends and players are rewarded with determined prizes based on their final position in the brackets. For example, a tournament winner would get a guaranteed orb containing a skin shard and a “champie” icon.

Despite the long wait for Clash this year, Riot Games did tell us a period to look forward to in early March 2023. Unless something unexpected happens, players should get ready to play the 5v5 game mode in the upcoming month.

Updated Clash Rewards

Riot also has been working on a solution for Clash rewards, which have been unsatisfying for the majority of teams, leading to early forfeits and a generally unpleasing experience. Consequently, Riot has changed up the Clash Capsule and Orb rewards to be distributed based on total wins throughout the tournament and not placement, increasing the incentives for teams to continue playing in the tournament. Below you  can find the new rewards:

Basic Ticket Orb (New)

  • 0 Wins, 3 losses – 3 Win XP Boost, 1 Mastery Icon, 1 Clash Logo
  • 1 Win, 2 losses – 1 Mystery Emote, 640 Ward Skin, 1 Clash Logo
  • 2 Win, 1 loss – 640 Ward Skin, 975 Skin Shard,1 Mystery Icon, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Clash Logo, 1 Basic Ticket
  • 3 Win, 0 losses – 640 Ward Skin, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1 Mastery Icon, 1 Mystery Emote, 1 Chibi Icon, 1 Clash Logo, 1 Basic Ticket

Premium Ticket Capsule (NEW)

  • 0 Wins, 3 Losses – 1 Basic Ticket, 500 Orange Essence, 750 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 1 Wins, 2 Losses – 1 Basic Ticket, 500 Orange Essence, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 2 Wins, 1 Loss – 3x 1 Basic Ticket, 750 Orange Essence, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1820 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 3 Wins, 0 Losses – 1 Basic Ticket, 750 Orange Essence, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1820 Skin Shard, 1 Chibi Icon, 10 Mythic Essence, 1350 Skin, 1 Logo

Considering the lower amount of Clash tournaments, Riot will also be making adjustments to the amount of Victory Points (VP) attributed upon playing Clash (Note: VP received will still be based on your placement within each Clash tournament). From now onwards, players will be receiving double the VP every time your team wins while the amount of VP required for each reward will remain the same. Below are the rewards and required VP for each as a reminder:

  • Banner Level 1 – 400 VP
  • Theme Logo 1 – 600 VP
  • Banner Level 2 – 1000 VP
  • Banner Level 3 – 1400 VP
  • Theme Logo 2 – 2000 VP
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