Best Clash Team Comps to play in LoL Season 14 – Updated to Patch 14.4

If you’re wondering which team comps you should be playing in Clash, here are the best meta comps to play for the upcoming Clash Cup.

best clash team comps

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Best Team Comps to play in 2024 Clash

Winning Clash is always a satisfying moment. Not only does it grant better rewards but it’s a great feeling when you win your friends or teammates through better coordination.

While mechanics and game sense are important in any League match, the drafts play a major role during coordinated matches, especially in Clash games where you’re always looking to get even the slighted edge over the opponents.

With that in mind, we have created a list of team comps that you can use in your upcoming Clash matches, giving you higher chances of success. We will mention the picks and some possible alternatives, as well as go over the strength and weaknesses of each team composition. On top of that, the team comps will all be based on the current meta, so you’re always sure you will get your hands on a strong comp.

Best Clash Comps (Patch 14.4)

Clash is currently featuring two consecutive MSI cups and considering they are being played on the same patch, the team comps played are going to be relatively similar.

1. Kai’Sa Carry Comp (pick-to-fight)

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:

  • Top: Sion/K’Sante
  • Jungle: Lee Sin/Jarvan IV
  • Mid: Neeko/Orianna
  • ADC: Kai’Sa
  • Support: Thresh/Nautilus

Strengths – All-rounded comp

This is probably one of the best and most straightforward team comps to play in Clash. Most of the comp is revolved around Kai’Sa as she will be the main damage carry during the teamfights. You will have a great frontline with a big tank and a bruiser champion, a strong teamfight control mage, and then a support that can be used both to make picks and force engages.

Overall, it’s one of the most balanced team comps you can play currently. You should be looking to play around your bot lane, either by ganking and punishing the enemies, or capturing the dragons in preparation for a soul. Your carries mustn’t fall behind in the early phases or you will struggle in the mid-game.


This comp becomes tough to play if you’re getting shut down in your strongest lanes (namely mid and bot). The tank top laner won’t be able to solo carry the game, and strong enemies will know that. Don’t make too obvious plays and play well with the vision control to make unexpected ganks. On top of that, Kai’Sa must be careful with her positioning: if she gets caught out, chances are your team will hard lose the fight.

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2. The Kite Back comp

Image Credits | Riot Games

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:

  • Top: K’Sante/Gragas (flex with jungle)
  • Jungle: Viego/Lee Sin/Kha’Zix
  • Mid: Gragas/Veigar
  • ADC: Xayah
  • Support: Rakan/Nautilus

Strengths – strong peeling

The current League meta is bot-centric, so it’s not a surprise to see many team comps revolve around their ADCs. In this case, you have Xayah as the main carry, which spikes at two items once she closes out the Navori Quickblade. The secondary carry will be either Viego or Veigar, depending on which one you go for.

Before Xayah can really start dealing damage, you can rely on your jungle-mid-support trio to make plays across the map. You have a good amount of diving and roaming ability, so try to use that to your advantage. That said, the real strength of this team comp comes from its teamfight ability since it will be almost impossible to kill Xayah, who will melt through the entire enemy team.

Aside from the tanky frontline, all the other teammates will either be looking to lock down an enemy champion, or protect you using their own crowd controls. Paired with Xayah’s ultimate, she should be able to stay alive for the majority of the fight. Use Viego or Veigar to kill the strongest threat and proceed to win the teamfight that way.


Do not pick this comp when facing long-range poke since the range from the champions is quite short. If you’re playing Veigar mid, be aware that the comp’s early game is not exceptional, so don’t play over aggressively and wait for both carries to scale.

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3. Smolder comp

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:

  • Top: Ornn/Malphite
  • Jungle: Jarvan IV/Lee Sin
  • Mid: Ahri/Karma
  • ADC: Smolder
  • Support: Lulu/Milio

Strengths – Incredibly scaling

Smolder got introduced to League of Legends not that long ago, yet he’s already among the best picks in the ADC pool. Despite his weak early game, it’s much easier for him to scale up with the good level of coordination and communication you can have when clashing Clash games. With this comp, the goal is to hit those late-game power spikes on all of the champions.

The only strong early-game presence is in the jungle, with Jarvan IV (or Lee Sin) acting as good early-game skirmishes. You’re not looking to play too aggressively, but these are good champions for counters ganks and mid-game teamfights, as both have good engages and disengages.

Once you get to the late game, you will have beefy front liners to protect the Smolder and the secondary carry, and the enchanter’s presence will make it almost impossible for the enemies to take them down.

Weaknesses – Really weak early on

The tricky thing about this team comp is learning to play slowly early on. Avoid hard-trading with enemies and give them a chance to snowball. As long as you’re able to stay even, you will be in a winning position the longer the game lasts.

The biggest issue with the comp occurs if the enemies are able to play for dragons early and they get to soul point before the 20-minute mark (get three drakes). Give up early objectives if necessary and get at least one dragon to slow the game down: it’s the best way to increase your chances of victory. Smolder’s positioning is crucial as well: make sure he isn’t left alone and doesn’t get picked.

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4. Pick Comp with backline access

Image Credits | Riot Games

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:

  • Top: Camille 
  • Jungle: Ekko/Nocturne/Kha’Zix
  • Mid: Pantheon/Ahri
  • ADC: Xayah/Kai’Sa
  • Support: Rakan/Alistar

Strengths – You can one-shot 1 carry

This team comp is very rewarding and almost unbeatable when played to perfection. Thanks to the great back line access with Camille and Ekko/Nocturne, you’re pretty much guaranteed to kill one enemy carry from the fight. The key to winning with this comp is getting Camille ahead of the enemy laner and having her put pressure on the side lane. At that point, always use Nocturne/Ekko and Ahri/Pantheon to make plays on the map.

The best thing about this comp is that you can have great dives: Ekko can go in and out with Chronobreak while Alistar can tank most of the tower damage with his own ultimate.


It’s important to not fall behind with this team comp. If you have two of three lanes losing, the game becomes hard to play because you won’t have enough damage to make the picks. The trick is to wait for all the ultimates before making plays on the map. You can take advantage of your global abilities to capture neutral objectives like Drake or Rift Herald, and look to push the lead that way.

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5. Ezreal Comp

Image Credits | Riot Games

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:

  • Top: Poppy/Shen
  • Jungle: Lee Sin/Vi
  • Mid: Vex/Zoe
  • ADC: Ezreal
  • Support: Karma/Senna

Strengths – Great poke, good disengage 

Just like the name suggests, this comp is all revolved around Ezreal, who has been rising up once again as a strong ADC carry. With many others marksmen getting nerfed, Ezreal comes up as a good counter to hypercarries. This is because he can take advantage of his long-range to farm safely while also hard-pushing lanes with either Senna or Karma, making sure the bot lane always gets lane priority.

Paired with strong 2v2 mid lane duos, it becomes easy to punish players and capture early-game objectives. Once you get to the later stage of the game, the goal will be to get vision around Dragon and Baron and use Zoe and Ezreal’s poke to chunk the enemies down. If you have Vex, instead, look to make the pick and catch one target. As long as you’re able to get a lead and snowball early on, you should be able to win most of the teamfights in the mid-game.


This comp struggles the most against hard engage comps that have multiple tools to kill the carries. While you do have strong peeling with Poppy and Shen, it might not be enough. Also, this team comp will lack damage if you fall behind and only Ezreal will be able to deal damage later in the game.

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6. Splitpush Comp

Image Credits | Riot Games

Ideal Champs and Substitutions:

  • Top: Jax/Fiora
  • Jungle: Jarvan IV/Lee Sin
  • Mid: Taliyah/Cassiopeia
  • ADC: Aphelios
  • Support: Nautilus/Thresh

Strengths – Incredible splitpush

This is one of the hardest comps to pull off, despite having the coordination and communication. The splitpusher must have a great game sense and know exactly when he can split push and when he should join the fight. If the strategy works out, though, it becomes particularly tough for the enemies to respond.

The best thing about this 4-1 comp is the fact that the splitpush can be done by both players, making it a possible 1-3-1 if you’re looking to exert more lane pressure. Lee Sin/Jarvan IV and Thresh are versatile when it comes to both engaging and disengaging. As long as Aphelios doesn’t get caught, you will have enough damage to shred through most targets later in the game. All of this while having Jax or Fiora destroying the enemies on the side lane.

Early on, you want to play for your top laner and mid laner and give them an advantage if possible. The best thing would be to track the enemy jungler and cover for ganks on the other lanes so they don’t fall behind. Always look to open up either side lane and send the split pusher there to exert pressure, while the rest of the game plays on the other side of the map.


We’ve already said that the comp is hard to pull off because it requires great communication and coordination. On top of that, this lineup is one of the most unforgiving comps: one crucial mistake and it can swing the entire momentum in the enemy’s favor.

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