Best Snipers in Warzone – The five best snipers for your Warzone loudouts

The best snipers in Warzone may often be an elaborate topic for all you Call of Duty (COD) fans out there. After all, it’s more than just crowning the highest damage weapons as the best snipers on warzone. Various factors can come into play, such as effective range, scope control and even bullet velocity, per se.

Here is our take on the best snipers in Warzone, where we break down what’s the best sniper in warzone for the average COD operator.

Warzone Sniper

AX-50 – The Big Daddy

As its nickname suggests, the AX-50 lives up to its name as a deadly sniper rifle in the right hands. A headshot from this bad boy can guarantee a confirmed kill, putting the enemy forces at a massive disadvantage.

Coupled with its decent mobility, it’s not as punishing as the other options on the list for the high damage output. Ideally, you would want to be using the AX-50 at mid-range clashes, where it’s most effective. Although it does suffer from inaccurate aim down sights, this can be conveniently improved with attachments such as a Stippled Grip Tape, Tac Laser, and Singuard Arms Assassin.

The sniper role may often be synonymous with camping solo, but the AX-50 is built for more aggressive scenarios. Another reliable yet neglected alternative to mid-range combat is the SPR-208, which only a handful of seasoned players consider a deadlier Warzone sniper rifle.

AX-50 Loadout

HDR – The Classic AWP

For the traditional sniper players, the HDR brings the nostalgic feel of what sniper rifles should deliver. A devastating shot at a very long distance is achievable with the HDR since it has one of the most extended ranges.

While longer range leads to poor damage drop-off, the Monolithic Suppressor and 26.9” HDR Pro barrel attachments provide desirable countermeasures. Furthermore, using the higher-calibre FMJ bullets will provide improved bullet penetration, leaving no safe spots for enemies.

Yet, all these perks come at only the cost of mobility, so some map awareness will come in handy. Knowing when the enemy is approaching close and navigating a new viewpoint will be critical for sneaky long-ranged shooters.

HDR Warzone

KAR98K – If Snipers were melee weapons

Perhaps standing still during the entire match isn’t your cup of tea, and you had rather be bumping into foes at every corner. Then, the KAR98K is your go-to for its quick scoping tactics.

The KAR98K recently received buffs, where it can effectively deliver confirmed headshot kills. This makes it quite literally a pocket sniper rifle, which you can use aggressively. Considering its close-range benefits, KAR98K’s damage drop-off is not negligible, so the Monolithic Suppressor will offer some decent range.

Nonetheless, it’s still a sniper rifle that relies on one’s good aim, which is to consistently blow the enemy’s head. Aiming anywhere else, protected by armor, will not only result in an unfatal shot but provide enemies some breathing room to flunk you out.

Kar98 Warzone

ZRG 20MM – The Sniper Minigun

There’s definitely no denying that the vast majority of COD player base loves close-range combat. Hence, another good close-range alternative is the ZRG 20MM, notably for featuring the highest bullet velocity.

Alongside its minimal bullet drop, we have ourselves a trendy pick among veteran COD players and newcomers alike. After all, bullet drop mechanics is presumably complicated to master and requires longer scoping periods.

If COD Warzone had taught us anything, it’s to rush into enemy frontlines without hesitation, so we highly recommend the ZRG 20MM for starters.

Warzone ZRG 20mm

PELINGTON 703 – Yet another ‘melee’ sniper

Lastly, the Pelington 703 serves as a solid alternative to the KAR98K for aggressive adversaries. It utilizes fast scoping, which with some practice, can work like clockwork at consistently sending out shots.

As aforementioned, you should play around corners and close combat so that you get the perks from using the Pelington 703 for such scenarios. Now that we depicted the Pelington 703 as a quick loading rifle, the best attachments would be the 27.2” Combat Recon and Infiltrator Grip, which improves bullet speed and overall movement speed, making you a speed demon in the match.

Pelington Warzone

We briefed about the best sniper Warzone has to offer, it’s time to put them to the test. Do note that while these may be popular picks among COD players, there are still a vast array of weapons. So really, whatever secures you the most headshots would be your best snipers in Warzone to pick up.