Best Supports to pair with Jhin in League of Legends

Ever since he was released in League of Legends, Jhin has been one of the most popular ADCs in the game. His unique kit, as well as his fluid animations, made him an instant favorite among players.

To have the a good game with Jhin, you must be enabled by a good support. These are the best five supports for Jhin in League of Legends.

Jhin LoL

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Top 5 Supports to play with Jhin in League

Jhin without a good support can be troublesome, since it can ruin his laning phase and then his value during the late game teamfights. For this reason, knowing which champions work best with him is essential to get the most out of the Virtuoso.


Leona is often considered the best among the supports for Jhin. This is because she can easily lock down any target she wants with her combo, allowing Jhin to quickly follow up with his abilities and attacks.

Leona Support

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This works both during the early phase, as well as in the later stages of the game when Jhin can snipe people with his W or ultimate from afar.

What’s great about Leona is the fact that she can both be an offensive as well a defensive option for him. She can be the engage tool or peel Jhin from getting caught by using her crowd control, making her a perfect candidate to pair with him.


Morgana is in one way or another other similar to Leona in how she synergizes with Jhin. Just like the champion mentioned above, Morgana also has her Q and her ultimate to stun or lock down targets long enough for Jhin to deal damage. Not only that, but she can protect him from crowd control with her Black Shield. 

What Morgana does better than Leona, though, is harassing its opponents without engaging. She just has to use her W to set up a potential root for Jhin by using his W. Once both champions get their ultimates, that’s when the combo shines: a Morgana ultimate plus Q’s root, plus Jhin ultimate will kill any target that gets caught.

For this reason, Morgana is one of the best supports that you can play with Jhin.


Zilean is also another support that works great with Jhin. He not only provides great damage with his bombs, but he can also grant extra movement speed and most importantly, a revive with his ultimate. 

While the two don’t have a very aggressive laning phase, the duo gets stronger the longer the game lasts: not necessarily with better damage, but Zilean can boost Jhin with his E to turn him into a perfect kiting machine. Paired with his own passive, he can chase after or kite back the opponents throwing big crit shots while he repositions himself.

In case Jhin is caught, he can just ult him to save him from a certain death. With proper coordination, this is one of the strongest and most annoying bot lane duos you can find.


Blitzcrank is a great champion to play together with Jhin. He does what Leona does, but instead of engaging onto the opponent, Blitzcrank grabs it towards him. 

If it connects, the target will find himself in a chain that he won’t be able to run away from: Blitzcrank’s knockup and silence, paired with Jhin’s root and slows create an unbreakable crowd control prison for the opponent.

Their laning phase is also quite strong if the two consistently land abilities. To do so, however, the pairing requires great coordination and good trust between each other. For this reason, while they are one of the best duos, they are also one of the hardest to execute.


Last on the list we have Zyra, the undisputed best mage support for Jhin. She’s not that popular of a champion, but a strong Zyra player will make this combo lethal.

Just like most champions on the list, she also has strong crowd control to set up the ADC. That said, Zyra offers a lot more damage and in this case, she also helps with bursting down the enemy targets.

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Being aggressive is the most important thing when playing Zyra: if you can constantly harass the enemy bot lane, they won’t be able to fight you and will have to give up the farm in the process. By playing through the minion wave, you can find ways to root a target with your plants and follow up your damage if Jhin hits his root.

Once both of you have level six, you can concatenate your combos to blow the enemies up. You will have so much damage combined that one of them will certainly die and you will get a sweet kill (and gold).

So there you have it, these are the 5 best supports for Jhin in League of Legends!