LoL Support Tier List – The Best Supports for Patch 14.8

Find out which are the best champions to climb the ranked ladder in this patch with our LoL support tier list.

lol support tier list

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Support Tier List – Best champions for LoL Patch 14.8

The support role in League of Legends has gained incredible importance over the past few years. Having a great game sense and strong mechanics can allow you to make a huge difference in the early-mid game presence, giving your team a greater advantage to take the victory.

That said, it can be hard to 1v9 games considering the lower damage output and how you’re always bound to rely on someone else to carry the game for you. If you’re having difficulties trying to find the best picks possible, we got you covered: here is our support tier list for Patch 14.8.

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These are the best Supports for Patch 14.8

5. Thresh – a great all-rounder

Thresh is rarely the strongest support champion in the meta but he’s always going to be among the most preferred picks. His versatility can only be matched by a few champions and as long as you have good mechanical skill on this pick, you should be able to be a valuable asset to your team. With champions like Jinx and Kai’Sa in the meta, he has several bot lane duos to work with.

4. Pyke – the aggressive pick

Speaking of roams, there is hardly anyone as good as Pyke when it comes to this department. The AD assassin support is extremely slippery, quickly moving across the entire map to help his team build leads.

Having said that, the champion is hard to master and falls off quite heavily, especially against front-to-back team compositions where finding the pick can be more troublesome. Pick it in specific matchups where you can consistently punish single targets.

Image Credit: Riot Games

3. Lulu – the all-rounded enchanter pick

With late-game scaling carries present in the meta, it’s not surprising to see Lulu also be part of this list. Her shields and strong peeling potential make her the ideal support to have around champions like Jinx, Kog’Maw, and many others. If you know that your bot lane partner is planning to play such a combination, be aware that Lulu can be your go-to pick to empower the bot lane synergy.

2. Rakan – The versatile support

Rakan is one of those evergreen champions that can always be picked, regardless of the meta and team composition. His kit is extremely versatile and he can be used both to engage and disengage. Additionally, he has greater mobility compared to most supports, which allows him to roam more often and make more plays on the map.

1. Janna – the ultimate peeling support 

If you don’t like playing engage supports, then Janna is the right pick for you in this patch. Her shields and crowd controls are perfect to counter hard engages and protect her carries. Against the right team compositions, she can be extremely annoying to play against, and she has one of the most powerful disengage tools in the game with the ultimate: a well-timed one can turn an entire teamfight in your favor.

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Image Credit: Riot Games

She is the strongest enchanter support of the patch and the most played support so far. If you don’t play her, be aware that she’s likely going to be picked on the enemy team.

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