Best Supports to pair with Jhin in LoL

Just like every single ADC in LoL, Jhin has a higher success rate with certain champions: here are the five best supports to play alongside him.

Jhin LoL

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Best 5 Supports to play with Jhin in LoL

Jhin without a good support can be troublesome, since it can ruin his laning phase and then his value during the late game teamfights. For this reason, knowing which champions work best with him is essential to get the most out of the Virtuoso.

Xerath – the best mage support 

Xerath is considered the best support pick for Jhin despite the low popularity of the champion. The control mage, when played in tandem with Jhin, can further enhance his poke potential during the laning phase, making it almost impossible for the enemies to play during the laning phase.

best support xerath with jhin

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With both champions having multiple long-range abilities on their kit, this bot lane duo can create lots of lane pressure and consistently harass the enemy bot lane every time they try to farm minions or find an engage opportunity. Moreover, having a high wave clearing will always guarantee lane priority and the freedom to choose how to play and fiddle with the minion wave, which is extremely important for objectives or setting up plays like roams and dives.

On top of that, both Xerath and Jhin can snipe people with their ultimates. Whether it’s to start a fight or finish off the enemies, these two champions can take down enemies from a safe distance.

Bard – insane synergy with Jhin

Even though he doesn’t offer the same level of aggression in the early game as Xerath, Bard is a great champion to pair up with Jhin in the current meta.

The two can easily set each other up for quick combos by linking up their abilities. Bard applies slows on his auto attacks and a possible stun on his Q, allowing Jhin to follow up with auto attacks and the rest of his kit. And considering both are ranged champions, they have a relatively easier time managing the minion waves, and deciding when and how they want to play around lane priority during the early game.

Additionally, Bard can also use his other abilities to disrupt enemies’ attempts at shutting down Jhin with the Magical Journey and ultimate. It’s quite a tough duo to master but it nets great results when well practiced.

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Karma – Hit & Run

Similar to Bard, is also another support that works great with Jhin. The main difference is that she provides more peeling tools and aggressive poke during the laning phase at the expense of a weaker late game.

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This is because Karma can constantly apply pressure with her Qs and allow Jhin to chase or run away from enemies faster with her E. For what is considered an immobile champion like Jhin, it can be a game-changer in specific skirmishes or fights.

To maximize the value from this bot lane duo, though, you need to have great coordination and a strong understanding of how to play aggressively during the laning phase. If you are more of a passive player, I suggest playing other champions.

Maokai – the best tank support  

If you are not great at playing ranged supports, we got you covered. Maokai is one of the best tank engage supports to play with Jhin, and one of the few that can stay relevant in this meta.

This is because the champion has great control over the laning phase with his saplings, allowing to increase the bot lane’s poke potential during the laning phase. Maokai’s crowd control makes it quite easy for Jhin to hit his skill shots, which is essential to get the most out of the Virtuoso..

Zyra – the burst combo pairing

Last on the list we have Zyra. She may not be that popular of a champion, but a strong Zyra player will make this combo lethal.

Just like most champions on the list, she also has strong crowd control to set up the ADC. That said, Zyra offers a lot more damage and in this case, she also helps with bursting down the enemy targets.

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Being aggressive is the most important thing when playing Zyra: if you can constantly harass the enemy bot lane, they won’t be able to fight you and will have to give up the farm in the process. By playing through the minion wave, you can find ways to root a target with your plants and follow up your damage if Jhin hits his root.

Once both of you have level six, you can concatenate your combos to blow the enemies up. You will have so much damage combined that one of them will certainly die and you will get a sweet kill (and gold).

So there you have it, these are the 5 best supports for Jhin in LoL!

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