Best ADC champions to play with Yuumi in LoL

If you’re wondering which are the best ADC champions to play with Yuumi, here are the five best picks to play alongside her this season.

best ADC with Yuumi

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The best ADC to play with Yuumi in LoL

Yuumi has recently received a major rework to her kit, which has raised some major skepticism. League players have been complaining heavily about the gameplay experience when going up against Yuumi, which finally led to major tweaks to the champion’s kit. Riot Games wanted to “emphasize Yuumi’s unique ability as a powerful single-target defensive enchanter”, while also creating more counterplay to punish the champion.

Even though the balance team seems to have taken the right direction, some professional players like Bwipo are still thinking that the champion is overpowered. A few days after the release of Yuumi’s rework, the magical cat was hotfixed and it should now be in a balanced state.

That said, Yuumi is usually with specific ADCs that are able to take full advantage of her kit. Most of the time her power is directly correlated to the power of the bot lane duos she is played in. If you are wondering which are the best marksmen to play with her, we have compiled a list of 5 champions that are currently strong with Yuumi.

Zeri – The undisputed no. 1 for Yuumi

If you have watched some professional League in the last year, you probably have seen Yuumi being played with Zeri the majority of the time. This is because the two are literally far more than “best friends”.

zeri yuumi

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Yuumi boosts all Zeri’s strong points, allowing her to be almost untouchable later in the game. Even though she doesn’t offer the same level of healing, Yuumi is still able to peel Zeri with her shields and the newly-introduced resistances, making her extremely hard to one-shot.

Unless the two are heavily punished early on, Zeri-Yuumi will just take over the game and proceed to 2v8 the entire game.

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Twitch – It’s all about the late-game carry potential

Just like most enchanters, Yuumi does a great job at empowering all the hypercarries. This includes Twitch, which can utilize his invisibility to make a great combo with the magical cat. They can use it to start fights or to make surprise ganks onto other lanes.


Image Credits | Riot Games

While the two aren’t that strong early on, the duo gets stronger the longer the game goes. As long as the enemies are not miles ahead in gold and experience, Twitch should start dealing significant damage after two items: just make sure to not get caught at the start of a fight, and Twitch will be able to melt down anyone in sight.

Jhin – one of the best and most enjoyable ADC to play with Yuumi

Even though Jhin is not considered a hypercarry, he’s still super strong if Yuumi is by his side. This is because Jhin can take advantage of Yuumi’s peeling abilities, and the extra movement speed to make his kiting job easier.

Considering that Jhin is quite an immobile champion (until he builds a few items), Yuumi can partially fix that weakness with her own kit. She can improve Jhin’s trading ability as well, given that the two have a good amount of poke damage with Yuumi’s Q and Jhin’s grenades or W. The laning phase is also fairly safe, given that Jhin has good wave clear alone and doesn’t necessarily need a support with AoE spells.

While this pairing doesn’t offer the same amount of damage a Zeri or other hypercarries do, it still works remarkably well, especially for initial objective setups, follow-ups, and long-range damage.

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Sivir  – Great late-game combos

Even though she was nerfed a while ago, Sivir remains a top-tier option to play with Yuumi. Not only do the two scale extremely well into the later stages but Sivir also has good early-game damage and wave clear thanks to her Q and W. This partially fixes the lack of wave clear caused by Yuumi’s presence.

best adc yuumi

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In addition to that, Sivir also has a self-peeling ability thanks to her own Spell Shield, adding an extra layer of protection. If the two don’t fall behind in the first minutes of the game, Sivir and Yuumi will become a menacing threat for the late-game teamfights.

Jinx – Emerging new duo for Yuumi

To round off the list, we have Jinx, one of the best and rising ADC partners for Yuumi. While it’s not a premier pairing, it has been gaining popularity after the recent buffs to Jinx in Patch 13.5. Given her nature as a hypercarry, it’s not a surprise to see Yuumi synergizing well with Jinx.


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Jinx’s power heavily revolves around getting a takedown and activating her “Get Excited!” passive. Yuumi, after the recent work, has great tools to support and enable Jinx. Her peeling ability is stronger than before, which gives Jinx more time to use auto-attacks and ramp up her DPS.

Having said that, this bot lane does struggle heavily early on and considering Jinx’s lack of mobility, it can be easily shutdown. Avoid to blind pick this pairing, and only pick it once you know what kind of bot lane you’re going against.

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