The Bitsler Cup Playoffs – Match Predictions and Analysis

It’s yet another clash between South American rivals at the Bitsler Cup, where only four teams remain for the Playoffs. Despite the lack of spotlight on the region, some notable candidates are worth keeping an eye out for.

In fact, these are decent candidates that have participated in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22).

Infamous vs APU King of Kings

A match-up that many fans are hoping for, the revenge match between Infamous and APU King of Kings will surely be legendary. For starters, both teams made it into a top-four finish of DPC2021-22 SA and shall compete yet again at the Regional Finals.

While that’s that, an early preview into our best men at the Bitsler Cup is all the craze, notably for APU. For a team that formerly played in Division 2, APU has climbed the ranks to join the elites of NA’s top dogs today. Little is known about their humble beginnings, but we do know they showcase phenomenal Dota.

Most notably, APU’s vast hero pool and ability to use them proficiently made them an above-average SA team. They seemingly use meta picks as their bread and butter in most matches. Yet, they also don’t hesitate to try new drafts, albeit ineffective against seasoned opponents. Thus, there is certainly room for improvement and a power-forward in the Bitsler Cup.

Infamous’ rise to success

Infamous is also another team that shook the competition in DPC2021-22 with great performance. Second, only to Thunder Predator at DPC2021-22, this might be Infamous’ best season to-date. Well, their fortitude and dominance have a lot to do with their early roster shuffle prior to the International 10 (TI10).

After flopping their TI10 qualifiers attempt, Infamous replaced three core players while Christian “Accel” Cruz and Miguel “Michael-” Angel Choque Gomez remained as the iconic support duo. Infamous is rocking consistent carry scaling into late game, making them one tough opponent to outplay.

Betting on Infamous vs APU King of Kings

Despite the fair compliments, the Dota 2 odds still favor Infamous at x1.44 versus APU at x2.53 returns. However, to spice things up, consider a Correct Score of 2-0 in favor of APU, which returns x5.13 odds. APU’s growth has surged since their first encounter, so third time’s the charm for APU to finally defeat Infamous.

Alternatively, if Infamous is still your reliable candidate in Dota 2 betting, then perhaps wagering 2-1 in favor of Infamous, which returns x2.41. In the same direction, betting on APU to win Map 1 or 2 will return x2.20 odds. As a cherry on top, betting on Total Maps to be over 2.5 can reward x1.91 rewards too.

Hokori vs Lava

The Playoffs match between Hokori and Lava may not be as hyped as the aforementioned. However, Lava, for one, has been keeping up with the other competitors. Among the four candidates in Bitsler Cup Playoffs, Lava has tied and even won said group stage matches. So, what’s the deal with Lava?

Lava has a relatively similar upbringing as APU, having been promoted into Division 1 alongside. In this context, Lava’s fifth place in Division 1 DPC2021-22 SA doesn’t sound too bad of an accomplishment. Lava’s tactics revolve around strong dispels for their core players, enabling them to safely pursue enemies.

It’s always a breath of fresh air to see new talents bring out their unique playstyles, so Lava is certainly on the road towards success. Whereas Hokori is a mainstay in Division 1, but haven’t picked up significant pace since then.

Betting on Hokori vs Lava

Although both teams share relatively close performance on the scoreboard, Lava does have favourable odds at x1.40 versus Hokori at x2.67 returns. Once again, likely due to Lava’s recent momentum as a fantastic newcomer.

For better odds, consider Correct Score of 2-1 in favor of Lava, which can return x3.08 profit. Both teams aren’t at the level, where they overwhelm one another, so it would likely be three sets in this match. Consider going for Total Maps over 2.5 as well, assuming both teams fight neck-to-toe, which can return x1.94.

It’s that nostalgic air again, where the SA representatives showcase their prominent side of Dota 2 Esports. As such, the popularity around the SA scene has garnered the spotlight many times, in DPC and TI alike.

Thus, the Bitsler Cup couldn’t have been a better testing ground for SA candidates to rise to fame and glory. After these Playoffs opening matches, the Bitsler Cup continues with more matches. Check out the exclusive odds on LOOT.BET alongside our guide to assist you in understanding the fundamentals of Dota 2 Betting.