Dota Pro Circuit 2022 » Predictions, Betting guide and DPC Favorites

The Dota Pro Circuit is the highest level of Dota 2 competition that ranks teams for placements toward Valve-sponsored tournaments. The top teams in the rankings earn invites to Valve’s sanctions Dota 2 Majors and The International. The DPC Rankings were first established after The International 2017.

The 2022 season received a slight makeover from last season’s Dota Pro Circuit system. Teams still have to go through regional qualifiers to earn a spot, but there are three tours instead of two.

With DPC open qualifiers concluded, it’s time to break down how the Dota Pro Circuit 2022 season will look like and what betting options are available for you. Additionally, our Dota 2 news section is getting bi-weekly updates on the best odds and betting slips out there. But before you go ahead and place your first bets, here’s all you need to know about betting on the Dota Pro Circuit 2022.

Dota Pro Cicruit 2022

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Valve first announced the Dota Pro Circuit system during the 2017 season, alongside significant changes to the Major Championship circuit. The motive behind the system was to replace direct invites for The International with a qualifying circuit organized by third-party tournament organizers. Each tournament holder would receive a $500,000 USD prize bonus pool from Valve for holding the event.

During the first season (2017-2018) a total of 22 events were held. The initial number of events was deemed too heavy and taxing on the teams, and in the following season (2018-19), Valve lowered the tournament cap to only 5 majors and 5 minors for each season. Additionally, events will be held in pairs with qualifiers determining the Major, then Minor participants. The 2020 season continued with the same trajectory until it was cut short due to the pandemic.

For the most part, the Dota Pro Circuit’s goal remained unswayed when it comes to determining the deserving invitees for the Internationals. Since its introduction in 2017, different teams have held the title of DPC champions. Coincidentally, neither of these teams won TI as the highest ranked team in the rankings. Team Secret (former DPC 2019 champ), (former DPC 2018 champ), and most recently, PSG.LGD have all failed to unify a DPC and a TI crown. The achievement is yet to be achieved by a team.

For the 2022 season, Valve decided to revamp how their tournaments worked and opted for regional leagues to nurture the amateur scene with the Division 2 bracket while still keeping the tier-S teams occupied with Division 1 and majors. Previously, many teams that didn’t make the cut in DPC found it challenging to maintain finances to polish their crafts.

It almost seems like a heavy monopoly of the DPC, reserved only for the financially stable Esports orgs and teams.

Tournament Overview, Format & Schedule 2021

The Dota Pro Circuit 2022 is a massive campaign comprised of six regional leagues. Regions include Europe, China, Southeast Asia, CIS, North and South America. For the next six weeks, teams will play single round-robin best-of-three series to determine their ranking among their regional opponents.

While the prize pool is evenly distributed among the participants, the grand prize is tickets to the first Dota 2 major, the Winter Tour 2021 Major. The top three or four teams (for Europe, China, and SEA) will earn themselves a spot in the major.

As the name suggests, the Dota 2 Pro Circuit schedule will depend on a region’s respective time zone. Last week, the DPC open qualifier was quite the celebration as teams flock for their debut at the DPC 2022. We will cover the progress and eventually finalized eighteen hopefuls qualified for every Tour.

Now, it will be a hassle to keep track of the daily matches from every region but fret not. We got you covered in tracking the entire Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 season with schedules and predictions and what the best Esports bookmakers has to offer.

Individual schedules are available on the main Twitter profiles of the regional organizers.

Dota Pro Circuit Schedule

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DPC Favorites in 2022

During the International 10 (TI10), the Chinese powerhouses were fan favorites, hailing with the glory from Singapore Major 2021 and WePlay AniMajor. However, there are new champions in town, and they are the unexpected underdogs from CIS region.

Team Spirit left the crowd in awe after sweeping PSG.LGD and other formidable teams to win the International 10. Besides the grand finalists, Team Secret also reached a new milestone by placing third, the furthest the org has reached since their debut. This goes to show that much has shifted in terms of power gap between regions, and how a unsuspecting CIS squad pulled off a heist.

We saw Evil Geniuses of all powerhouses, take a disappointing tumble from what fans expected of the North American giant. Nonetheless, EG is still a massive favourite, especially since Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka revealed he’s playing for the team.

Representing CIS, also made their best International run thus far. A testament to VP’s overhauled roster of young blood, which many fans have disregarded as a better team than the founding VP roster that was led by Alexey “Solo” Berezin. However, despite the decent run they had, Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko, the team’s prodigy has left for EG.

Last but not least, Southeast Asia’s T1 rose to the challenge as a strong team to look forward in DPC 2022. They outwitted heavy favorites to secure seventh-place.

All said and done, TI10 was a year of outstanding newcomers and Chinese teams’ consistent strength. The impact of familiar powerhouses falling off have convinced many to revamp rosters beyond the typical roster shuffles we saw in the past decade.

Hence, expect Team Spirit’s victory to just be the beginning of what’s more to come. New teams of young guns, old teams with refreshing rosters, and loyal teams that intend to play together for another year.

Dota 2 DPC 2022 Betting Tips

Our page would not be complete without offering you a complete betting guide to maximize your returns on Dota 2 betting. Next year’s Dota 2 Pro Circuit schedule allows for some interesting betting opportunities that would not be available under normal circumstances.

For your regular bets and how to bet on Dota 2, our general Dota 2 betting guide should prove sufficient to get you started. Several providers offer an additional esports bonus during the DPC season and the start of the esports season overall. Additionally, offers like esports cashback at providers like provide additional incentives to place bets on your favorite teams.

Now let’s move on to the Dota Pro Circuit prediction section and how recent changes affect betting opportunities.

Recent DPC changes affecting betting opportunities

The new DPC system allows for a great number of betting scenarios and different markets to explore. Having six regions play simultaneously means there is at least five or more matches played daily for you create accumulator or systems bets on. In-play and exotics are also available on most matches as these are high profile events offering the full scope of betting markets.

Esports betting odds are also fairly high in the opening stages. This means you can get a fairly solid return on investment and build your bankroll in the early stages of the DPC season. Additionally, having both Division 1 and 2 mean you are likely getting double the action almost daily with both the premier and amateur level teams competing at the same time.

Lets take a look at the potential returns on a mock betslip you can make even if you only select the outright favorites.

Dota DPC bet

Even a five-fold bet could net you a potential 7.24x fold return on your bet on Division 1 selections spanning a single day. Considering the amount of matches available at any single moment there is enough potential to cover your bets with singles and accumulators and protect your investment while building a bankroll.

In the end, remember that our news section will feature several Dota Pro Circuit prediction picks weekly that you can fully utilize to your gain.

Where to watch DPC Season 2022

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