WePlay AniMajor 2021 » Teams, Schedule and Betting Tips

From the creators who brought Cybertrucks and Augmented Reality to Dota 2 tourneys. WePlay Esports are the proud organizers of the second Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) major. The WePlay AniMajor will be hosted in Kyiv, Ukraine, on June 2-13.

The WePlay AniMajor 2021 boasts a generous 500,000 USD prize pool and 2,700 DPC points up for grabs. With so much at stake, this is every teams’ last lifeline at securing top twelve in DPC 2021 Rankings.

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WePlay AniMajor 2021 Format & Teams

The tournament is comprised of three phases, starting off with the Wild Cards, Group Stage, and finally, the Playoffs. Six Wild Cards teams will be playing single round-robin best-of-two matches among themselves, and only two will proceed to the Group Stage.

Then, it’s Group Stage games among eight teams (including the two Wild Card winners). Matches are also single round-robin best-of-two matches, and the top six teams proceed to the Playoffs. However, the top two teams enjoy the privilege of playing in the upper bracket, while fourth-sixth place teams go into the lower bracket. The Playoffs is where matches are double-elimination best-of-three, except the grand finals being a best-of-five series.

Needless to say, it’s a long yet rewarding journey ahead for the eighteen participating teams. Speaking of which, the eighteen are scattered in the three phases mentioned, six teams in each: (we will update the list of participants as the DPC Season concludes)

Wild Card teams: TBD

Group Stage teams: Team Spirit, TBD

Playoffs teams: Alliance, Virtus.pro, TBD

WePlay AniMajor Dota 2 Schedule

The painstaking journey begins as early as June 2 for the Wild Card teams. The succeeding teams will go on to play the Group Stage, which is 2 days long. And finally, the main stage that we all are drooling of, Playoffs. The format will be the same as the Singapore Major, but the schedule will be slightly different as the event lasts 12 days (11 match days + 1 day off before playoffs), compared to nine match days in the previous Major.

Wild Card – TBD

Group Stage – TBD

Playoffs – TBD

Games will kick off at 10 a.m. GMT+2 on each competitive day. Keep in touch of the day-to-day schedules on the official WePlay Esports page and on Twitter.

WePlay AniMajor Betting Tips

It’s not all year round where we get a LAN majors this grand. Well, at least not in recent times. Hence, Dota 2 betting could be a fun way to channel your inner oracle or just support your favorite team as a diehard fan.

Anyways, we got you covered on the regular bets and how to bet wisely on Dota 2, where our essential Esports betting guide is a great starter pack. Several curated providers also offer tempting esports bonus for the WePlay AniMajor. Of course, do follow our dedicated articles for detailed betting analysis and tips as the tournament goes. Now then, here are some crucial betting tips before you go on.

  1. Don’t place big bets at the start of the event
  2. Match length should be shorter than usual
  3. Watch out for roster updates up until the last minute
  4. Expect plenty of ties
  5. Never break your bank

WePlay AniMajor Quick-predicts

Specific outright predictions will be added to this section closer to the event. For match predictions and betting odds refer to our Esports News section.

WePlay AniMajor 2021 Favorites

Heading into the WePlay AniMajor, there are certainly heavy favorites to keep an eye on. Some are known for their dominance in their respective regional leagues or renowned powerhouses in general. Notably, Alliance, Virtus.pro, Quincy Crew, and Team Aster are top seeds in their respective region.

Other fan favorites include Evil Geniuses, Nigma, and Invictus Gaming (the Singapore Major champion). However, being top of the class does not always spell championship-winning material. We saw underdog teams, such as Thunder Predator and OB Esports x Neon, achieved miracles last major. While VP and Alliance didn’t even make the cut.

Anyways, it’s a brand new major for all these teams as they look forward to the challenges ahead. May the Dota 2 odds be with whoever is the strongest.