Start your Dota 2 career by registering for DPC 2021-22 now

It’s the calm before the storm for Dota 2 fans and more importantly, the pro players. After the International 10 concluded, players and teams took the Esports downtime to look for new opportunities. Over 200 players have now been released from their rosters and seeking new opportunities. Team OG for instance, dropped their non-founding members, Martin “Saksa” Sazdov and Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan following the post-TI10 roster shuffle.

Coming into the new DPC Season, many players might find themselves running through qualifiers and doing the long grind forward.

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC 2021-22)

Kickstarting the new DPC 2021-22, Valve has quietly updated important details of what we can expect for the season. This reaffirms Alliance’s early sneak-peak that there will be three majors. More specifically, the DPC season will have three Tours. Each Tour consists of a regional league and major tournament. The gist of the news is that there’s one Tour more than the last DPC season, which gives Division 2 top teams to be promoted into Division 1 regional league.

To summarize, the general DPC 2021-22 schedule is:

  • DPC Teams Registration (now)
  • DPC Teams Registration Lock (11:59am PT on Nov 21st)
  • Winter Tour 2021: Regional League 1 (Nov 29th – Dec 22nd, resumes on Jan 5th – Jan 23th)
  • Winter Tour 2021: Major 1 (Feb 17th – 27th)
  • Spring Tour 2022: Regional League 2 (Mar 14th – Apr 24th)
  • Spring Tour 2022: Major 2 (May 11th – May 21st)
  • Summer Tour 2022: Regional League 3 (June 6th – July 17th)
  • Summer Tour 2022: Major 3 (Aug 4th – Aug 14th)
  • The International 2022 Regional Qualifiers (to be confirmed)
  • The International 2022 (to be confirmed, probably late-September)

DPC 2021-22 Team Registrations

Players and teams can already register for the DPC 2021-2022 on the player page. Once you’re a registered player, teams can invite you into their roster. However, do be wary that once you accepted the invitation, leaving the team will immediately incur the player removal penalty after the DPC Teams Registration Lock kicks in.

Do note that this is not similar to open qualifiers registration for the Winter Tour 2021 Regional League. You will need to register for open qualifiers on each region’s respective league organizer, such as ESL One (North America), DreamLeague (Western EU), or Epic Esports Events (Eastern EU).

The other regional league organizers have yet to be announced, so check the DPC 2021 regional organizers in the coming days.

DPC 2021-22 FAQ

Aside from the schedules and registrations, you might want to keep these details in mind too.

When do roster locks happen?

Valve mentioned that the initial roster lock happens at 11:59am PT on November 21. Rosters will unlock after a Regional League concludes until 11:59am PT on the Tuesday after the subsequent Major ends.

Are there penalties for playing with stand-ins or kicking teammates?

There will be varying penalties for each scenario. The most severe penalty is given to teams playing with a sub during the major at a whopping -40% DPC points earned during said event. Kicking a player after qualifying for the major costs -20% DPC points on top of another -15% DPC points for player removal.

How many DPC points are majors and regional leagues worth?

The amount of points for earlier tours are worth less than the later ones. Hence, regional leagues are worth a total of 690/920/1150 points and the majors are worth a total of 1900/2700/3500 points.

Are there other ways to qualify for a Major?

Unfortunately, no, a starter team will have to win the open qualifiers and Division 2 regional league to make it into Division 1. Even then, you would need to secure the top two finishes (three or four slots for China, EEU, WEU, Southeast Asia).

Nevertheless, the International 11 dream isn’t over yet. You could always do it ‘team OG style’ by playing TI11 regional qualifiers after the Tours concluded. Of course, it’s a last resort, so it’s advisable to put some elbow grease into your early pro career instead.

Other miscellaneous questions are available on the FAQ section on the official TI11 page.

It will be a hectic few weeks for the eager pro players hoping to participate in the DPC 2021-2022. Be sure to watch this space or Dota 2 news as we keep you updated on everything DPC and Dota 2-related.