Bjergsen and Jensen Continue To Break LCS Kills Records

Team Liquid’s mid laner, Bjergsen, and Cloud9’s mid laner, Jensen, broke a few records the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) this week. Starting with Team Liquid’s Bjergsen, the 26-year-old has now got the most career kills in LCS history with his 2,274th kill coming against 100 Thieves in game 4 of their playoff series. Cloud9’s Jensen, on the other hand, is now in company with the likes of Bjergsen by becoming only the fourth player in LCS history to hit 2000 kills in LCS.

Jensen Liquid

Nicolaj Jensen / TL

The Two Players Dominate LCS

Bjergsen’s all-time record was held by Wildturtle, widely considered the greatest ADC in LCS history. Bjergsen also had to fight off competition for this record from former his former teammate and rival, Doublelift.

This is the company Jensen now finds himself with and he accomplished this against Bjergsen’s team, Evil Geniuses. It was fitting that Jensen got his 2000th kill with the Champion that he was synonymous with in the early days of his LCS career, LeBlanc.

Another achievement that went a little under the radar because of these two giants came from Evil Geniuses’ Danny. The 18-year-old prodigy and AD carry got his 500th kill in 109 games. He has an excellent record of 4.6 kills per game as things currently stand and will be hoping to join such elite company in the coming years.

Jensen has averaged 3.29 kills per game this year for Cloud9 and Bjergsen’s got 3.23 this year for Team Liquid just for comparison’s sake. It shows that if Danny continues at this rate for a few more years, it’ll be a matter of time before he’s talked about with these great players but there’s a long time for that.

The Records Keep Piling Up

Records are all well and good but Bjergsen knows better than most that this a team game and will be hoping to help Team Liquid qualify for the Worlds on 29 September. He has been a major figure in LCS for the last eight years, having been an LCS champion six times and is well aware of what the main focus should be.

There’s a reason he returned to professional play after a stint as the head coach of TSM. It’s also great that veteran players are being recognized a lot. FlyQuest’s Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black also recently broke the record for the most career games played with 597 matches. Once again, it was a Wildturtle record that had to be broken. Danny and Jensen will also be aware that they need to achieve bigger targets for their teams and the records will follow.

The LCS Summer season 2022 will be coming to a close pretty soon with the final just around the corner. One of Team Liquid, Cloud 9, Evil Geniuses, TSM and 100 Thieves will end up as the winner on 11 September. Evil Geniuses were the winners back in Spring and will be expected to turn it up in the final stages of the competition once again. It’s a great time to be an LCS and League of Legends fan with so many players from different eras of the sport participating in these highly competitive tournaments and putting it all on the line.

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