BLAST Premier partners with Coinbase for The Economy Play

Popular CS:GO tournament organizer BLAST just announced that they’ll be partnering with the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase. That means that Coinbase is joining the ranks of BLAST’s sponsors for the upcoming competitive BLAST Spring season. This is one of two yearly seasons, the other one being the Fall Season. There’s no word yet on whether or not this partnership will be extended to this year’s Fall Season.

According to Coinbase’s own press release, their purpose in the partnership is to promote esports and cryptocurrency together, and to create content that focuses on the overlap of the two, and the potential for it where there isn’t any. Among other things, Coinbase will have their branding featured during BLAST events – most notably the Spring Showdown in early April and the Spring Finals mid-June.

The main content focus will be the popular “The Economy Play” segment featuring during most BLAST Premier broadcasts.

BLAST Coinbase

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A fortuitous partnership

Oliver Clarke, Head of Brand Partnerships for BLAST, commented:

“Esports and cryptocurrency both share a strong relationship with technology and innovation. BLAST Premier is enjoyed on a global scale with an audience that is known to be tech-savvy. We look forward to seeing the result of fans engaging with the safe, secure and world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.”

As for Coinbase – if you haven’t heard of them, are a cryptocurrency platform established in 2012. Fans can expect Coinbase branding to appear in the background of the content aired in the BLAST Spring events, as well as animated in-game branding elements. The main segment however will be “The Economy Play”, where analysts check out the rounds that just happened while the players prepare for the next round or match – in other words, it’s part analysis and part highlight reel.

Coinbase is hardly the first or only company to partner with an esports brand in order to promote cross-industry connections and overlap, other companies like EPOS and CS.Money have signed up on the BLAST bandwagon.

It’s a smart move overall. In 2020 alone, ‘just’ Blast’s events reached 151M households in over 100 countries around the globe. It’s the perfect target for a growing crypto platform like Coinbase to reach new potential users. No details have been released on the exact value of the deal that was signed.