BLAST Premier Spring 2021 – Tournament Info, Betting Tips & Predictions

BLAST Premier Spring is one of the two seasonal CS:GO competitive events in the BLAST ecosystem. It features the 12 BLAST partner teams and an additional 10 teams through various qualifier events and special invites.

BLAST Premier Spring features ~$750,000 USD in prize money and a seeding into the Global Finals for the winner. As is tradition with all BLAST Events, the best teams also get awarded points toward the BLAST Leaderboard.

BLAST Premier Spring 2021 Format & Teams

The online event features 22 teams, 12 of whom are permanent partner teams, and the rest are qualified through qualifiers or special invites. The partner teams play out an Group Stage in each season, with the top six advancing directly to the Finals and the bottom six going to the Showdown.

The 12 permanent partner teams are: Astralis, Compelxity, BIG, Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan, OG, G2 Esports, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid and Vitality and mibr.

The format for each stage of seasonal competition is happening with the following format:

  • BLAST Premier Groups – Three double-elimination (GSL) format groups play out a bracket with the winner and runner up both advancing into the Finals, the rest move onto the Showdown.
  • BLAST Premier Showdown –  16 team single-elimination bracket bracket with the top two teams advancing into the Final
  • BLAST Premier Final – Six team double-elimination bracket with the winner earning $225,000 in prize money and a spot at the World Final

Matches across every stage of the competition are played in a best-of-three format. The format is identical for both BLAST Spring and Fall events.

Betting on BLAST Premier Spring matches

Here are several key points before you place your BLAST Premier Spring bets. At every stage of the event, the matches are played in a best-of-three format. This means guessing the correct score will always be more lucrative than just guessing the winner outright. Additionally, the tournament is rated as either A or S level, depending on which stage we are betting on. Either way, this means there will be more then the usual betting markets available for betting.

Live betting, specific in-match objectives and exotic bets are available at all decent esports betting sites. Furthermore,following up soon after ESL Pro League, there is plenty of info to go around about each participating team and their playstyle. Both of these factors combined with our daily BLAST Premier predictions, should help you create some interesting betting slips.

We also provide specific day by day prediction betslips in our Esports news section.

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BLAST Premier Spring Groups Stage 2021

The BLAST Premier Spring 2021 Group stage was played between the 4th-14th of February 2021. The twelve partner teams were divided into three groups, with each group winner and runner up dvancing into the Spring Finals.

Here are our past predictions and breakdown for the BLAST Group Stage while it was happening. The results at the end of the competition are in the picture below.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups Results

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 Teams and Favorites

Based on the format illustrated above, 16 teams are seeded into a single elimination bracket for the Spring Showdown. The 6 “losers” from the Group Stage and 10 teams qualifying with either an invite or through a qualifier event. The event takes place between the 13th-18th of April 2021. Matches are played daily at roughly 12:00, 15:30 and 18:00 CET.

The teams participating or earning an invite are: Astralis, OG, Endpoint, G2 Esports, Team Spirit, Extra Salt, Dignitas, Team Liquid, Team Vitality, 9z Team, SAW, Heroic, FURIA Esports, MIBR, NASR Esports and Gambit.

When it comes to favorites, Heroic and Gambit are at the top of the pack, after their most recent ESL Pro League performance. G2 Esports, Astralis and OG all have fair chances on making it forward with everything decided from the bracket draw.

Speaking of brackets, here’s the BLAST Spring Showdown 2021 bracket.

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Bracket

With the first results in and also looking at the bracket, we can make our new set of predictions for the event favorites. We expect Heroic and Gambit to make it to the decider on the right hand side, while G2 Esports and Team Spirit are expected to make it into the left hand side decider. In a decider we have to give it to Gambit and G2 Esports to make it into the Spring Finals.

This also automatically mean you can go ahead and place a bet for these four teams at each step of the way. GG.BET provides some of the best CSGO odds on this event, paired with some interesting exotic markets and live betting options to boot.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021 Favorites

Coming into the 2021 Spring Season, the CS:GO scene witnesses a surge in CIS teams’ perfomance at IEM Katowice 2021, BLAST Global Finals and Flashpoint Season 2. Additionally, Heroic stormed the ESL Pro League, shifting the momentum even further from all the partner teams.

Specific predictions for the finals are still a month away, but we not confident in the six participants thus far. Only Natus Vincere has a shot at a good showing and the rest will likely be all the late arrivals. Once the Spring Showdown is complete, we will look into the favorites once again.

You can watch all of the BLAST Premier matches live on the official BLAST Premier Twitch Channel.