BLAST Premier Spring 2022 – Betting Tips and Schedule

BLAST Premier Spring is one of the two seasonal CS:GO competitive events in the BLAST ecosystem. The entire circuit is getting a step up in prize money this time around, with a combined prize pool of $2,475,000. The format for the event this year is pretty close to the format from the year before.

If you’re hoping to follow along though, there are some key differences to how things work to be aware of.

This year the BLAST Premier event is going to be played online in some stages. This is coming with a regional split for that stage of the event. This event is one of the biggest for CS:GO. Teams are competing for prize money alongside a seeding into the Global Finals for the winner. As is tradition with all BLAST Events, the best teams also get awarded points toward the BLAST Leaderboard.

BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Stages, Format & Teams

The BLAST Premier event has been expanded for the Spring and Fall Showdowns. There will now be more teams in competition, giving even more players the chance to make it all the way through. The format has also been changed to limit the number of games each team play per day, to limit the toll on players a little bit.

There were some changes to the BLAST Rulebook as well:

  • No mollys are banned.
  • “10.6 – Match Interruptions” have been simplified.
  • All in game sprays are now allowed.

BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Groups

The BLAST Premier Spring 2022 event will start with the Spring Groups, followed by the Showdowns, and eventually the Finals. The Groups and Showdowns have seen some format changes from previous years though.

Teams will play in three groups of four in a best-of-1 double-elimination group stage. This will decide which place they sit in for the stage. Only the winners of this long Gauntlet will move into the finals. The second and third will have to enter into a play-off match to compete for their seed.

The Spring groups are going to be taking place online in 2022. However, it does look like this will change for further tournaments in the Premier Series over the year. Six teams will move from the premier Spring Groups stage onto the Showdowns.

BLAST Premier Spring 2022 GroupsL

BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Schedule

  • GROUP A – January 28th

G2 Esports vs Complexity – 3PM CET
BIG Clan vs Ninjas in Pyjamas 4PM CET

  • Group B – January 29th

Natus Vincere vs mibr – 3PM CET
Astralis vs OG – 4PM CET

  • Group C – January 30th

Vitality vs Evil Geniuses – 3PM CET
FaZe Clan vs Team Liquid – 4PM CET

For a full match breakdown and predictions, check out our CSGO News section.

Spring Showdown 2022

The Spring Showdowns is the next stage from the initial groups. Here, the top 6 teams from Spring groups enter into a bigger bracket. This is alongside teams that have qualified separately.

This time around, the Spring Showdown is going to be split up a bit more. The Showdown is now going to be in two regions. There will be Europe and North America then everywhere else. This opens up the Showdown and gives more teams a shot here. The Spring Showdown will be taking place online too.

BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022

The BLAST Premier Spring Final is going to be the final stage for this part of the year. The Spring finals will have an individual prize pool of $425,000. This is going to be the first Arena event on a major scale for the year.

This stage of the event will be running in a double-elimination bracket, to find the top team of the Spring season.

Blast Premier Spring Dates – When to Watch

The BLAST Premier Spring event has a slightly different format this time around with more events taking place for different regions. However, the schedule for the tournament isn’t that much longer than previously. Different regions will be running concurrently rather than being divided up. These are all of the dates when you can tune in to the BLAST Premier Spring:

  • Spring Groups – January 28th – February 6th
  • Spring Showdown – April 20 – 24th
  • BLAST Spring Finals – June 14 – 19th

BLAST Premier Spring Prize Pool

The full prize pool for the Blast Premier events other the course of the year is huge. However, each of the individual tournaments has a decent payout too. This is how it splits up for the BLAST Premier Spring prize pool:

  • Spring Groups – $177,500
  • Spring Showdown – $135,000
  • BLAST Spring Finals – $425,000

Betting on BLAST Premier Spring Matches

Here are several key points for CSGO Match Betting before yours at BLAST Premier Spring. At every stage of the event, the matches are played in a best-of-three format. This means guessing the correct score will always be more lucrative than just guessing the winner outright. Additionally, the tournament is rated as either A or S level, depending on which stage we are betting on. Either way, this means there will be more then the usual betting markets available for betting.

Live betting, specific in-match objectives and exotic bets are available at all decent esports betting sites. Furthermore,following up soon after ESL Pro League, there is plenty of info to go around about each participating team and their playstyle. Both of these factors combined with our daily BLAST Premier predictions, should help you create some interesting betting slips.

Finally, GG.BET provides some of the best odds on this event, paired with some interesting exotic markets and live betting options to boot. You can watch all of the BLAST Premier matches live on the official BLAST Premier Twitch Channel.

BLAST Premier Spring Archive:

BLAST Premier Spring 2021

BLAST Premier Spring Groups Stage 2021 (Completed)

The BLAST Premier Spring 2021 Group stage was played between the 4th-14th of February 2021. The twelve partner teams were divided into three groups, with each group winner and runner up dvancing into the Spring Finals.

Here are our past predictions and breakdown for the BLAST Group Stage while it was happening. The results at the end of the competition are in the picture below.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups Results

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 (Completed)

Based on the format illustrated above, 16 teams are seeded into a single elimination bracket for the Spring Showdown. The 6 “losers” from the Group Stage and 10 teams qualifying with either an invite or through a qualifier event. The event takes place between the 13th-18th of April 2021. Matches are played daily at roughly 12:00, 15:30 and 18:00 CET.

The teams participating or earning an invite are: Astralis, OG, Endpoint, G2 Esports, Team Spirit, Extra Salt, Dignitas, Team Liquid, Team Vitality, 9z Team, SAW, Heroic, FURIA Esports, MIBR, NASR Esports and Gambit.

Speaking of brackets, here’s the BLAST Spring Showdown 2021 bracket.

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Bracket

With the first results in and also looking at the bracket, we can make our new set of predictions for the event favorites. We expect Heroic and Gambit to make it to the decider on the right hand side, while G2 Esports and Team Spirit are expected to make it into the left hand side decider. In a decider we have to give it to Gambit and G2 Esports to make it into the Spring Finals.

Update April 19, 2021: Our predictions were correct and G2 Esports and Gambit ultimately qualified for the Blast Premier Spring Finals. Look at the Finals section for specific predictions.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021

Coming into the 2021 Spring Season, the CS:GO scene witnesses a surge in CIS teams’ perfomance at IEM Katowice 2021, BLAST Global Finals and Flashpoint Season 2. Additionally, Heroic stormed the ESL Pro League, shifting the momentum even further from all the partner teams.

The Spring Finals are taking place between 15-20 of June, 2021. All eight finalists are already bracketed, which means we can set our initial predictions and look at potential CSGO Odds for the opening matches.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals Bracket

© BLAST Premier

Based on the initial bracket setup, Natus Vincere and Gambit are set up for an easy clash toward in the winners bracket finals. This means we expect both teams to easily advance over their opponents. The closest contender in this bracket to both CIS powerhouses are G2 Esports, who are on an absolute tear in the weeks leading up to the event.

In the final opener between NiP and Complexity, we can expect the Ninjas to finally start delivering some results. Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz is finally coming into his own on the roster and we can expect them to roll over Complexity and and potentially give Gambit a run for their money.

All the teams we favor are also considered odds favorites among betting providers, meaning you can expect fairly low odds for outright bets. The best opportunity here is to go for correct score predictions to maximize your winnings. It’s expected that all matches go to 3 games.