CadiaN – The back bone of Heroic delivers ESL Pro League glory

Heroic has been the most exciting breakout team in 2020-2021. Though they had roster changes recently when they brought in new players, the success continues. Having just won their 11th series in a row against Gambit, they earned the ESL Pro League Season 13 trophy and a boost in the CSGO Rankings.

Throughout their success there has been a steady pillar propping them up: Casper “cadiaN” Møller.

Heroic cadiaN

Casper “cadiaN” Møller

Veteran at the helm

Heroic won the ESL Pro League Season 13 final after a grueling 8-hour grind versus Gambit last night. It took the Danish squad 76 rounds and the heroics of one man, to deliver the ultimate viewer experience for a 200k+ strong online crowed.

Casper “cadiaN” Møller is a veteran of the Danish scene. Having played in professional teams since 2014 and being active for so long, he had many different changes to his game over the years, covering different roles, different in-game leaders and changes in philosophy about the game.

All of these factors contribute heavily to why he is such an impactful in-game leader now. Additionally, it is the reason why he is able to integrate new and young players so well. Being exposed to so many different styles of leading from several role models, he is able to understand what they need from him. This in turn builds an atmosphere of trust in the team, which is a big part of Heroic’s success. Another factor that makes cadiaN a valuable player is the fact that on top of in-game leading, he is also a main AWPer in his squads.

In the history of Counter Strike, few have been able to play both roles so successfully. The ability to hold angles and still have enough awareness to make calls for the team is very difficult. This is why the trust he has built in his team is so important. cadiaN’s innate gamesense has been obvious throughout their recent EPL run. With some incredible reads made in every series Heroic has played in. 

While the clip above is everything people will talk about for a long time, we cant forget over 50 rounds of fine details and mental fortitude that Casper gave his team to stay in the fight for so long. cadiaN isn’t the only reason that Heroic have done as well as they have. Martin “⁠stavn⁠” Lund is up there as well. Synergising with the “old” leader to deliver consistency in play through and through.

Heroic finally overtake Astralis as the best Danish team at the moment, and one of the best teams in the world. A victory cadiaN has been seeking for a long time. We will see them again in just a few days at Blast Premier Spring Showdown. They are once again set on a collision path with Gambit for a spot at BLAST Spring Finals.

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