BLAST Premier Spring Finals – Bracket Predictions and Match Odds

We are a few hours away from the BLAST Premier Spring Finals kick off. Eight teams battled through the season to get to this point but only one can earn a spot at the World Final this winter. Gambit and Natus Vincere start on the opposing sides of the bracket setting up a potential CIS final at the end of it all.

Let’s go through the tournament bracket, review the CSGO odds on offer and set our predictions.

BLAST Premier Spring Final Schedule

Gambit vs Evil Geniuses

Tournament favorites Gambit are meeting EG in their opening match. The head to head record in 2021 is tied at 2:2, but EG fields a whole different roster now. The team that beat Gambit at IEM Katowice is no more, with Ethan and Tarik both moving on to different roles. This new EG is somewhat weaker overall and the odds reflect it.

Even a clean 2:0 for Gambit only gets you x1.64 in return over at GG.BET, and those are the highest odds for this outcome we could find. We will likely see EG fall down to the loser bracket and advance at least one match further before dropping out.

NiP vs Complexity

The new Ninjas are meeting a struggling Complexity in their first outing at Blast Premier Spring Finals. Both teams are having a tough month, with Complexity facing a severe loosing spree against premier teams at both Flashpoint and DH Masters Spring. NiP on the other hand is struggling to settle on a 5th player after Tim “nawwk” Jonasson went inactive and both Erik “ztr” Gustafsson and Linus “LNZ” Holtäng didn’t quite make the cut for the main roster.

We are likely seeing LNZ stand-in for NiP at this event again, making this a hard prediction to make. Odds-wise NiP are favored at x1.74We can go with NiP advancing to round two, only because their opponents are struggling to find form after losing Owen “oBo” Schlatter. Plus, we get to set up a storyline where Owen meets his former teammates in a lower bracket clash between EG and CoL later on.

G2 vs BiG

The third opening match pits the tournament dark horses G2 against BIG. There isn’t much to analyze here especially when comparing recent performances between both rosters. G2 rarely loses this spring, and when they do, its mostly against Gambit. BIG is also sporting a nice performance spree, but most of their matches are against teams barely in the top30 team globally.

The mismatch is relative strength is too big here, and we are looking at a clean 2:0 for G2 in the opener. At x2.64 returns over at GG.BET, we are looking at a nice booster to our accumulator betslip.

NaVi vs FaZe Clan

Finally, we reach the match of day between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan. This match is filled with hype due to both organizations fielding legends in their rosters. FaZe reinstated Olof “olofmeister” Gustafsson to the active roster only yesterday, and are not really favored against S1mple and the bois. The only reason this match is notable is cause we get to see traditional rivals clash in what is expected to be a slow brawl of attrition and methodical play.

In the end NaVi is still expected to win, but they may drop a map on a traditional FaZe pick like Mirage. Ideally, a 2:1 selection in favor of Navi would boost our odds at x3.16, but an outright is just as good at 1.35.

Either way we are looking at 10 to 23 times returns on our initial bet amount. Based on this predictions we are looking at EG meeting CoL and BIG vs FaZe in the loser bracket for Round 2. This mean, Gambit vs NiP and NaVi vs G2 decide the winner bracket matches. Check for an update in this article, or our Esports News section for the next round of predictions.