Blast Premier Spring Groups – Key storylines ahead of opening day

The season of BLAST Premier is finally upon us!

The BLAST Premier Spring Groups have been announced and there will be some exciting games this week. With all teams advancing to either Showdown or Playoffs, we are in for some fun build-up of storylines and could set the bar for rivalries in the upcoming year.

Let’s look at the teams and  to keep an eye on.

S1mple NaVi 2022


Can the kings hold onto their throne? The CSGO odds are certainly in their favor.

Every other roster this season is built around beating Natus Vincere in a bo3 series. Their tactics are studied in-depth, and every team is fully aware of what NaVi has to offer. Can the 2021 Champions keep innovating to stay up at the top and truly cement their ERA?


With Ropz coming in to replace Olofmeister, FaZe now packs a much more significant punch. Anytime Karrigan has been given the tools to do the job he has succeeded. This lineup may be his last chance at winning a major, so expect them to use this tournament to try and get a feel how they will play together. Don’t expect them to go all the way at this one, but expect to see some fun and competitive matchups whenever they’re on the server.


With a new lineup consisting of EliGe, NAF, oSee, shox and nitr0, we may be in for a treat whenever these guys are playing. oSee is the young talent, shox is the grizzled old veteran who can always pull off a clutch and EliGe the all-american talent. With nitr0 and NAF to round out the comp, we may see a return of the “old” Team Liquid. They certainly have a good looking team after the roster moves.


After months and months of hype, we will finally see if m0NESY can perform to the same level he did agaisnt Tier 2 teams. With additional pressure due to the hype, we are yet to see if he is mentally capable of playing on a top tier team. Aleksib will also show us if his style of in-game leading works on this roster. NiKo may have less weight on his shoulders if his new teammates are worth their lot. A solid AWPer in m0NESY would open up so many possibilities for this squad.


The big storyline we have all been waiting to see. This roster has been touted as the team that will bring down S1mple and Na’Vi. They have had a couple of months to prepare. Hopefully we can see a version of them that is slightly polished. Being their premier event, it may still require more time to figure out how this roster works together. Though they may not go far in this tournament, they will have many games to try out new things and see what works. They have one of the best minds in the game in z0nic, so hopefully this initial tournament is enough to give him the intel he needs to put the players in the right places.

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