Blizzard Acquires Proletariat to Boost WoW Development Pipeline

It seems that Blizzard is finally listening to the community, and instead of just saying they are doing so, they are taking some action. The best kind there is, as they will acquire Proletariat to work on WoW. Let’s be honest, the last few expansions felt very short when it comes to content for the standards of a modern MMORPG, and while there was technically a lot to do in older expansions, the newer ones did not have that same kick.

However, with Blizzard now increasing the size of the team that will work on World of Warcraft, which is probably their most important IP, we can expect the next expansion’s quality to improve. Of course, there is also a chance that this deal is made only so the expansion can be pushed to its surprisingly early release date, which is by the end of this year.

With this acquisition, we can expect Activision Blizzard stock to increase even further. Probably not as much as it did back in January when the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard was announced, but at least by a bit.


Image Credits | Proletariat

What is Proletariat, and who are the people behind it?

In the past few years, there have been quite a lot of battle royale games due to the increase in popularity of the genre, thanks to titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and CoD: Warzone. A lot of battle royale games were deemed quite bad, but some of them, like Spellbreak, have been reinforced with a lot of positive feedback, as the game distinct itself from the competition.

Proletariat is the company that was behind Spellbreak, and while the game was quite successful when it comes to critics and reviews, it is unfortunate that the number of players in the game was just not high enough to keep the game going, which is why they decided to work on something else, and being acquired by Blizzard to work on a franchise as big as Warcraft was an amazing opportunity.

The team in Proletariat is quite experienced when it comes to MMORPGs, even if their latest title was not it. That is because it is built from veterans who worked in Insomniac, Turbine, and Harmonix, and they were former lead designers of popular titles such as Lord of the Rings Online, D&D Online, and Asheron’s Call.

While the deal of acquisition between Proletariat and Blizzard was just recently announced, it is important to note that Proletariat has been working on World of Warcraft since May this year, so they are already warmed up and working hard.

What does this mean for World of Warcraft?

The whispers from the WoW community are quite double-sided on this, and both arguments are justified. While one side is really hoping that the additional 100 people will make the game better, the other half is worried that the reason why they were hired is just so the company can meet the deadline before the holidays.

Considering how the Dragonflight reveal went, things already seem to have progressed quite a bit, and considering that Season 4 in WoW is just going to start, it looks like Blizzard actually wants to make sure that Dragonflight is a quality product.

With such a huge number of people working on the game, we really hope that not only the amount of content gets increased, but that the Mythic raiding in Dragonflight gets some kind of solution that will satisfy current players and bring new ones to the game.

For those who are fans of betting on WoW, this acquisition of Proletariat is great news regardless of what content comes to the game, as both PVP and PVE are options that you can enjoy during your betting adventures.

What will come out of this acquisition? Will Dragonflight finally be an excellent WoW expansion that does not decimate the player base numbers? We will have to wait until the expansion is released to find out.