Blizzard announced plans for WoWs AWC and MDI programs

Big news from one of the world’s most popular MMO’s ever – Blizzard is making big plans for two particular branches of the game. While an MMO in and of itself isn’t exactly suitable to become an esports game, WoW is a Blizzard game and thus had pretty good chances to become one either way.

As fans already know, this took the form of Arena and Dungeon battles. As such, the AWC or Arena World Championships and MDI or Mythic Dungeon International aren’t exactly new, but they are being rebranded a bit.

Both of them are going to expand and grow – step one was to expand the prize pools for both of them. This will be partially funded by fans – through the sale of two toys. Both of the in-game toys will be added to the shop in spring, and part of the proceeds will feed into the year’s final LAN event prize pools.

The final prize pools will be announced later in the year, of course, since their exact extent won’t be known until the sales for the toys have all been tallied up. As for the events themselves – where Mythic Dungeon International was formerly an invitational, Blizzard has rebranded it into a regular seasonal competition, one that will showcase the world’s best dungeon-running teams across two regions: MDI West and MDI East. West covers the Americas and Europe, East the rest of the world. In two separate events starting with proving grounds, followed by time trials and then a LAN final event, teams will get to show off their dungeon skills.


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As for AWC, the four regions – Latam, Apac, China and Na/Eu will each have their qualifiers and in their respective regions, a certain amount of teams will advance – 1 team from China, Latin America and Asia-Pacific will advance to the big overall final – 5 teams from North America and Europe will also get the chance to do so, for a total of 8 teams in the final championship towards the end of the year.

If you are interested in participating, you should hurry up – sign-ups are already open and in the case of the Na/Eu region, will only be open for another two weeks, closing on Monday, Jan. 28th. Don’t miss your chance to participate and go head to head with the best in the world!