The Darkmoon Faire is back in World of Warcraft this week

World of Warcraft players are anxiously waiting for August 14, when the new expansion will officially roll out. Battle for Azeroth will bring the franchise back to its roots and Blizzard expects it to reignite interest for the most popular MMORPG ever created. In anticipation of that glorious moment, the developers keep players busy with a brand-new Darkmoon Faire. This in-game event has returned to the realm of WoW and will only conclude on August 11.

Six Days of Carnival for World of Warcraft Fans

The Darkmoon Faire is a recurrent event, essentially a gathering of different activities which take place in the southern part of Darkmoon Island. The release of patch 8.0 promises to make the festivities special, by introducing new toys as well as reputation and experience buffs. Participating players will add the Hot Buttered Popcorn toy to their collection while earning 10% more experience when wearing the Darkmoon Top Hat. By the time the event ends only three days will be left before the new expansion.

Darkmoon Faire is back in World of Warcraft

To collect the new toy, one would have to earn 50 Darkmoon prize tickets which can be acquired from Stamp Thunderhorn. It is entirely up to the rightful owner of the Hot Buttered Popcorn to use the toy whenever he or she pleases. However, Blizzard intended this new plaything to be launched when players want to celebrate something exciting. The story represents just the tip of the iceberg, as collectors will have plenty of other things to add to their inventory.

Darkmoon Faire has new pets, toys, mounts and transmog which are cool to own and also help with completing achievements. Tickets are needed to unlock all these memorabilia, so players should complete as many daily quests as possible to unlock the necessary tickets. There are also rewards for collecting new battle pets for those who are struggling to complete achievements such as Master of Minions or Hearthy.

The Shortest Path to Exalted Reputation

The Darkmoon Faire provides players with a shortcut to hitting exalted with one faction. A 10% reputation boost will also help players improve their status with other factions, so they can hit two birds with one stone. Since Battle for Azeroth starts next week, this is the perfect time to reach exalted with Legion factions such as Talon’s Vengeance and also to wrap up the Paragon Mount collection. It is only fair to assume that once the new expansion rolls out, fewer people will still play in Legion areas.

Darkmoon Faire is back in World of Warcraft

In order to unlock Allied Races, it is essential to reach exalted reputation with several Legion factions. Under normal circumstances, this would be a difficult task, but the buff offered during the Darkmoon Faire will greatly simplify matters. The factions that players should focus on this week are Argussian Reach, The Nightfallen, Army of the Light and Highmountain Tribe. The festival will return to town in September, but with the new expansion in full swing, people will have less time to focus on this event.

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