Blizzard announces the 2018 Arena World Championship Fall Season

World of Warcraft fans are exploring the new zones released when the Battle for Azeroth expansion rolled down. There is plenty of content to enjoy and dungeons to explore, but PVP heroes are anxiously waiting for the 2018 Arena World Championship Fall Season. Blizzard was happy to shed some light on the 3v3 tournament which starts this autumn, culminating with the Arena World Championship Global Finals. The event will take place at the BlizzCon and will have a guaranteed prize pool of $280,000.

Two asymmetrical arenas added

Blizzard will introduce two new arenas for the upcoming 2018 Arena World Championship Fall Season. Mugambala and Hook Point were released simultaneously with the Battle for Azeroth expansion and players will compete on these arenas as well. The fact that the top three players from Europe and North America will play at BlizzCon provides them with the incentive to hone their PvP skills.


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Mugambala is inspired by the Zandalar region, where the troll civilization flourished. It has an upper and a lower level, and players will have to fight around a large pillar located in the middle of the map. Those who enjoy roaming the Boralus area have a great time fighting on the Hook Point arena and its four pillars. Players will have plenty of time to get familiar with these new arenas, as they can participate in one of the 6 cups. Each of them has a $10,000 prize pool with bonus AWC points.

Anyone can participate, as long as they assemble a team of at least three players, as no Arena ranking is needed. Once players gain access to the Tournament Realm they can practice, using any class, gear and talent they see fit. The sign-up is open, and as long as players register before the cutoff times, they will be able to participate in any of the Fall Season Cups.

The complete schedule of AWC Fall Season

World of Warcraft fans can spend the remaining days of August roaming the new areas and their dungeons. However, as soon as September starts, the first cups of the 2018 Arena World Championship Fall Season begin. Sign up closes for the first EU and NA Cups on September 3, while the games actually start 9 days later, on September 12.

Players who missed out on the opportunity will have another chance to weeks later. That’s because registration for the second EU and NA Cups and on September 17, while the games are scheduled for September 26. The most exciting games of both the first and second cups will be broadcasted on Twitch. The 2018 Arena World Championship Fall Season continues in October, with the third EU and NA Cups. The cutoff time for registration is September 24, although the games are scheduled for October 3.

Blizzard will update the current standings and will give more details about the global broadcast schedule. World of Warcraft fans who want to stay up-to-date should check out their esports website.