AWC summer season 2018 brings World of Warcraft back into the spotlight

Blizzard Entertainment have struggled to keep World of Warcraft relevant as an esport. Over the last couple of years, they were not particularly successful, but they are also determined not to give up. In 2018, fans of the most popular MMORPG have the chance to participate in more tournaments than ever before. There has been a surge in the number of events for casual and semi-pro players, as professional players compete for bigger prizes.

World of Warcraft

In June, the most important tournament for fans is the World of Warcraft AWC Summer Season 2018. The sign-ups for the event are open and the Third Cup of this tournament is expected to draw large crowds. What makes it so exciting is that the series is divided into several stages and all competitions are played online. With a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 and AWC points up for grabs, each Cup provides players with the impetus to persevere.

3v3 Arena Tournaments for everyone

Compared to other esports which remain inaccessible for most players, the AWC Summer Season 2018 is designed as a popular event. Far from being an elitist competition, it allows anyone to sign up and participate. Players don’t even need an Arena rating, so participants should expect opponents with different skill levels and experience. All the games are played in 3v3 Arena tournaments, so players have the chance to practice before jumping headfirst into tournament games.

A team can consist of up to four players, yet when World of Warcraft teams sign up, they can feature three players. Points will be distributed among the most successful players, who will also collect a share of the $10,000 prize pool. Blizzard has envisioned the AWC Summer Season 2018 as a springboard for the Summer Finals which are scheduled for early July. North American and European players who accumulate enough points during the June Cups will qualify for this event with a prize pool of $100,000.

The Third EU cup starts on June 9

The gear for this tournament is normalized and players should know that Artifact Power and honor talents are maximized for everyone. The idea is to level the playing field and reward skilled players, even if they don’t have a stellar PVP record. Players are expected to do their best at creating max-level classed, as the matches will take place on special tournament rounds. All the games are broadcasted live on Twitch, so participants and fans alike can watch them as they unfold.

AWC Summer Season 2018 Brings World of Warcraft Back Into the Spotlight

This is actually the second stage of the AWC Summer Season 2018, with the first matches being played in the second half of May. The opening matches exceeded expectations in terms of both number and quality of participants. The first two European and North American Cups provided many casual players with a chance to shine. Between June 9 and June 10 the third and final EU Cup is scheduled, while the last NA Cup takes place between June 16 and June 17.