BOOM Esports – Meeting the VCT Champions 2022 Teams

The final teams to compete in VALORANT Champions 2022 are set. After finishing second at the last international tournament, Masters Copenhagen, the APAC region has found its second team to represent the region at the year-end event. In VCT 2022 APAC Last Chance Qualifier, where 10 teams took place, BOOM Esports achieved great success and qualified for an international event for the first time in its history.

BOOM Esports entered the scene in the early days of VALORANT, in July 2020, and quickly made a name for itself in its home region of Indonesia. Especially with the start of the VALORANT Champions Tour in 2021, they battled it out with rival Alter Ego and earned a spot in Southeast Asia Finals.

However, despite qualifying for its region, it failed to make it out of the grand finals and into the Masters at any Stage. When the VCT 2022 season started, there were some very strong teams in APAC. BOOM Esports had its strengths, but given the diversity and sophistication in APAC, the team’s level was slightly behind.

BOOM Esports grabbed its seat at VALORANT Champions 2022

The VCT 2022 season is a showcase to BOOM Esports growth

The team had an expected and successful start to the season, winning the VCT 2022 Indonesia Stage 1 Challengers. However, their fate on the APAC stage remained unchanged. Losing to XERXIA Esports, they finished fourth in APAC Stage 1 and missed the first Masters tournament of the 2022 season. 

By Stage 2, BOOM Esports also lost the lead at home to Alter Ego. Still, they were able to take third place and re-join the APAC Stage 2 event. This time, the team couldn’t hold on to its former strength and they lost the tournament in the first round and missed the chance to compete at Masters Copenhagen.

After all these results, BOOM managed to collect enough Circuit Points to qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier. On top of that, shortly before the tournament, frostmind, who had been with the team for about a year, parted ways and famouz from Persija Esports joined the team on loan.

The energy brought by the new transfer, the increased performance of the players in the team and the absence of Paper Rex and XERXIA, two strong teams in the region, created a chance for BOOM Esports. Still, APAC is a very large region, so there were still strong teams in the tournament, but none of them were enough to stop BOOM.

BOOM Esports grabbed its seat at VALORANT Champions 2022

This is the way

BOOM started their adventure by defeating Griffin E-Sports, then defeated ONIC Esports and Bleed eSports to advance to the VCT 2022 APAC Last Chance Qualifier Grand Final. They also defeated their opponent in the final, ONIC Esports, 3-1 to earn the final ticket to VALORANT Champions 2022.

Famouz, the team’s new signing, made an excellent contribution despite being on loan and was the third best player of the tournament in terms of rating. Even though the members of the roster don’t have crazy stats, they were able to achieve this big victory because they all did their jobs to the fullest.

After two seasons, BOOM Esports finally achieves success in APAC, and secures their seat in VALORANT Champions 2022. My guess is the the form they found Fikri “famouz” Zaki will likely result in a full player signing, since this is best form we’ve seen BOOM in this season.

They have one month to build synergy fully and hopefully take Champions by storm.