Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 – Bracket, Schedule and Format

Brawl Stars has cultivated an impressive following as a mobile game, growing a dedicated esports scene that has attracted some big talent. One of the highlights of the year for mobile esports is the Brawl Stars World Finals. We’re fast approaching the 2021 version of this event, where teams will be competing to find the top squad in the world for the year.

This is how the brawl Stars World Finals 2021 are going to work, and what you need to know:

Brawl Stars World Finals 2021

Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 – Format

The Brawl Stars World Finals are bringing players in from across the globe. Naturally, this means the format is a little strange to accommodate them. However, it looks to be a clear improvement over 2020. The event is going to feature a full prize pool of $1,000,000, running from November 26-28th. The format is going to be. Relatively simple bracket. Teams will be competing in a single-elimination style, with all matches running as best of 5. The finals will then switch over to best of 7 to crown an ultimate winner for the season.


One weird thing that is being done for this event is the use of servers for the match. During the 2020 World Finals, there was a big discrepancy for teams depending on where they were located. Their distance from the server makes a big difference for ping, and performance because of that. To combat this, Supercell has a unique set-up this time around. They’ll be using a different server for both teams taking part in a game so all players will be facing the same level of ping. This avoids giving one team a clear advantage.

The overall format is going to be a hybrid this time around. Last year’s Brawl Stars World Finals was fully online, but there’s a mix now. Players can be competing in person or online, depending on how easily they can travel. This would naturally put some at a disadvantage. So, the difference for servers is going to make a big difference for the quality of play for a lot of players.

Who is Competing at the Brawl Stars World Finals 2021

 That’s the general format for the Brawl Stars World Finals 2021. If you’re looking at betting on the event or just want to know who is going to be in competition, then these are the teams that are confirmed so far for the event:

  • SK Gaming
  • AC Milan Qlash
  • Totem Esports
  • Tribe Gaming EU
  • BK ROG Esports
  • Nova Esports China
  • Trick of China
  • TIG Origin
  • Tribe Gaming
  • STMN Esports
  • INTZ
  • Aphelion LATAM
  • ZETA Division
  • Queen Nai
  • Team Flash
  • Natus Vincere

Out of these teams, just under 20% are coming from China while 15% are from Japan. The rest of the nations are roughly in proportion though, with these few teams dominating. Teams will be allowed to compete both in LAN and Online, depending on player ability to attend the live in event Bucharest, Romania.

Supercell knew ahead of time that some teams and players wont have the proper vaccination paperwork or wont be able to attend in LAN, so they opted out for a hybrid format where teams could compete both from the venue and from an online location as long as they follow the tournament rules and guidelines.

Brawl Stars World Finals Bracket

Supercell and Brawl Esports released the opening bracket for the event on Nov 22, 2021. On par with the release was a whole new pick’em and predictions event at the official Brawl Stars page. Eight interesting duels are scheduled for the opening matches on days one and two. You can see the Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 bracket below:

Brawl Stars World Finals Bracket

Where to Watch the Brawl Stars World Finals 2021

The Brawl Stars World Finals 2021 are going to be taking place in Romania. Fans can watch along at home a lot easier though. The event is going to be broadcast on both YouTube and Twitch. Fans can follow along on just about any platform. The event is going to be taking place over two days. However, we don’t quite know how the split is going to be organized as of yet. You’ll have to tune in to see the schedule if you’re looking for a specific match in this tournament!

Only the top teams are competing though, so there are few matches to be missed.