BTS Pro Series Season 4 – Qualifiers, Teams and Tournament Overview

Beyond the Summit is back with the fourth season of their BTS Pro Series. As usual, all the regions are covered separately with competitions taking place in SE Asia, Americas, and Europe/CIS respectively. However, the spotlight is on the SEA regional as the prize pool is the most significant and the tournament features several major powerhouses.

Lets take a look at everything happening with BTS Pro Series Season 4 ahead of the main event.

BTS Pro Series Season 4

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The BTS Pro Series S4 Format and Teams

All regions will share a similar tournament format, where it’s round-robin best-of-two matches in the group stage. The playoffs will be double-elimination best-of-three instead, except for the grand finals being a heavy best-of-five. As for the eight participants in each region. Six are invited, and the remaining two are reserved for the open qualifier winners.

Notable teams in the SEA regional are TNC Predator, Fnatic, and Motivate.Trust Gaming, namely the strongest in their neighborhood. However, challenger teams like T1, Neon Esports, and Team Dog are not far behind.

Over at the Americas, viewers will be able to witness the ongoing rivalry between North and South American teams as they battle it out for bragging rights. Teams like EternalEnvy’s Team 4Fun, 4 Zoomers, and beastcoast will be interesting to keep an eye on, especially 4Fun, who recently overthrown Quincy Crew and putting an end to their long-serving winning streak. Other American teams that may put up a fight are Thunder Predator, Team Brasil, and Arkosh Gaming.

Lastly, the Europe/CIS scene has only one team that everyone needs to watch out for in Frankly, the Vikings being invited to a tier-2 tournament seems like an overkill, and know for sure that this team is likely taking the event home with ease. Alongside them, Yellow Submarines, Brame, and Live To Win are pretty decent for a tournament of this caliber.

BTS Pro Series Season 4 Open Qualifiers

The invited teams may seem rather unappealing, especially in SEA, where there should be more familiar teams receiving a direct invite. Nevertheless, the open qualifiers shall be where most of the early action occurs as 64 teams compete for only two slots in each region.

For instance, Cignal Ultra, Execration, TEAM STAR, The Prime and Galaxy Racer will be playing in the open qualifiers despite their potential and seasoned players. These teams also received direct invites to the ongoing Artisan Dota League. Hence, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the two spots go to any of these five teams.

Meanwhile, Quincy Crew is nowhere to be found on both the invitee list and open qualifier registration in North America. This is considered unusual, considering Quincy Crew is one of Americas’ top teams, having won eight consecutive championships this season. That said, registration is still open for the Americas and Europe/CIS open qualifiers until December 6, so there are plenty of empty slots to fill.

The SEA qualifiers will be kicking off a day earlier, so the deadline’s on December 5. For more details about the registration, visit Epulze.

The same can be said for the Europe/CIS iteration as there are still many slots available for aspiring rosters. There are already several worthy mentions, such as EXTREMUM and Winstrike Team registering early.

All-in-all, the BTS Pro Series Season 4 may not be as flashy as the likely clash between of Secret and OG at the EPIC League, but there is enough firepower to make it an interesting event. Furthermore, it’s the right direction towards nurturing the tier-2 scene, so I doubt anyone has much to complain about.

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