BTS Pro Series Season 7 teams announced and outright favorites

BTS Pro Series Season 7 brings yet another thrilling event for the Dota 2 scene, this time alongside exciting new partners. Besides the new collaboration, we can also expect a similar tournament format and top-notch broadcast quality.

The folks over at Beyond the Summit are notably powerhouses in the Esports scene and had also been nominated for Broadcast/Production Team of the Year by Esports Awards. Hence, we can feel rest assured that the BTS Pro Series Season 7 is in good hands after all.


BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas and Southeast Asia Divisions

As per past seasons, the BTS Pro Series consists of two regions, the Americas and Southeast Asia (SEA). Each regional will feature eight participants, who will compete for a prize pool of $50,000. Needless to say, the BTS Pro Series Season 7 may not seem very grand at first glance.

However, the reward at stake is tempting enough to attract noteworthy teams to participate every season. As for the tournament format, there will be a typical group stage and playoffs that spans over three weeks. Group stage will consist of single round-robin best-of-two matches. Whereas the playoffs are of double-elimination best-of-three matches, with the exception of the best-of-five grand finals.

BTS Pro Series Season 7 Invitees

At the time of publishing, the BTS Pro Series Season 7 has officially announced the team invite list for both SEA and NA. However, open and closed qualifier results are yet to decide the final list of teams participating in the main events.

Over at Americas, familiar faces, such as 4 Zoomers, Beastcoast, SG-Esports and Undying have earned themselves an invite. Meanwhile, Motivate.Trust Gaming, Team SMG, T1 and Fnatic will make an appearance at SEA.

Five of the International 10 (TI10) qualified teams are attending the two events, meaning their bootcamping and practicing season continues onto live events. After all, the postponed TI10 was a blessing in disguise for the qualified participants that needed that bit of extra practice.

The favorites in the SEA/NA regions are Fnatic and 4 Zoomers, with T1 and Undying following in close second. While upsets are likely, we expect the teams are here to test their winning comps and make some statement games, meaning the pre-tournament favorites are the likely winners.

BTS Pro Series before the International 10

This event serves as the calm before the storm for the Dota 2 fanbase and qualified teams. TI10 is officially set for October 2021, after a mishap of losing their initial location in Sweden. This leaves atleast two more months of heavy bootcamping and hopefully more events to fill in the gap.

The BTS Pro Series Season 7 is just what we need to keep an eye on the recent game-winning strategies and drafts. Perhaps for the eager Dota 2 players, it’s no better opportunity to pick up some Dota 2 betting skills. The craft calls for critical thinking and analysis of the match, whether it’s the hero picks or team line-up.

Say Dota 2 betting isn’t your cup of tea, then Fantasy Dota 2 is another good alternative to test your Dota 2 odds and analysis skills without any stakes. Catch the BTS Pro Series Season 7 live from July 27 – August 15 for the SEA division or the Americas division from August 4 – 22.