Dota 2 Ti10 set for Romania, a blessing for qualified teams as bootcamp season extends

The International 10 (TI10) finally secured its alternative location at Bucharest, Romania, albeit postponed to October. Nevertheless, this is a blessing in disguise for teams as the additional three-month period can be spent on practice.

Essentially, the unexpected series of events might just narrow the power gap between the newly-qualified teams and TI10 invitees.


Extended Bootcamping Season

Three months down the road, the sixteen teams participating at TI10 would have prepared enough strategies and countermeasures for every single opponent. In fact, it’s a long enough duration to host a third season of Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) and another major.

Particularly the TI10 invitees, who are primarily powerhouses, are at a massive disadvantage. These teams have more records of pro matches, which are reliable sources for their opponents to study. Of course, this assumes Team Secret or Evil Geniuses didn’t bother to switch up their drafts, strategies, or even typical roles.

Tactically speaking, TI10 could potentially be the most competitive International we have to date. It’s no longer a rushed tournament, where qualified teams have only weeks before they fly to the International 10.

Tournaments before TI10

We now have three months until the biggest annual Dota 2 championships. Many tournament organizers, notably WePlay or ESL, may be eager to quickly host their own events in the meantime.

We can anticipate several TI10 teams to participate, as it’s really no different from the scrims that pro teams often collaborate among themselves. Yet, there probably would be teams that are reluctant to join a public tournament that basically showcases their team’s playstyle and tactics.

For instance, team OG and their revamped roster if they qualify for TI10. Whether SumaiL finds success adapting to the OG playstyle or becomes ana’s alter-ego, they probably want to keep their big reveal in closed doors. Well, we can only speculate, at least until we get official announcements on upcoming tournaments and their participants.

Addressing the Eastern Threats

We would be lying if we didn’t acknowledge Chinese teams’ strength during the DPC 2021 season. Strength in numbers, sheer skills and proficiency, they have it all. Statistically, Chinese have more than a twenty-five percent probability of winning TI10. The big question is how the other contestants will deal with this stronghold?

PSG.LGD and Invictus Gaming dominated both majors, where only EG, the North American giant gave them a run for their money. Even so, spectators thought that it wasn’t a close final, and EG never stood a chance. Other regional competitors, such as Eastern Europe’s powerhouse,, or Western Europe’s Team Secret, have fallen off in recent tournaments. Team Secret did not make it into WePlay AniMajor despite being one of the only two Western European teams to secure a TI10 invite. Anyways, we reckon they are probably back at their drawing board, trying to find a crack on the Chinese rivals’ defense.

For the most part, the delay on TI10 may feel like a tedious ordeal for Dota 2 fans. However, in Valve’s announcement, they hinted that tickets will be available soon. Assuming there’s no change in plans, we could look forward to the intense crowd and cheers at the International 10.

It’s what a proper LAN tournament should feel like, and keeping our fingers crossed, let’s hope we can experience it once more.