BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas/SEA Finals Odds with N1Bet

The BTS Pro Series Season 8 is finally nearing its end. Over the past weeks of incredible matches, we saw highly-anticipated teams bite the dust while new candidates rose to the challenge.

With only the weekend’s worth of semi-final games before the grand finals, here are some important takeaways and predictions with odds courtesy of N1Bet.

BTS S8 Finals

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Team SMG vs BOOM Esports (SEA)

BOOM Esports has recently undergone a roster shuffle before the BTS Pro Season 8 SEA. With most of its founding Indonesian members parting ways, BOOM became a Filipino squad of veterans today.

That aside, BOOM is showing incredible results throughout the BTS Pro Series Season 8 SEA, where they ended the group stage with a top seed. However, their upcoming semi-final match is against Team SMG, the first seed in groups with an undisputed winning streak.

During their encounter, SMG overwhelmed BOOM Esports with a strong snowballing draft, consisting of Beastmaster and Lycan. These are picks that often go well in the midgame, where they can consistently take objectives while BOOM couldn’t fend them off.

The strategy is certainly no stranger to BOOM, but it seems like SMG got the better hand when they first-picked Beastmaster. Another popular cheese pick from BOOM is Bloodseeker, which is a sustainable midgame carry this patch. However, SMG was able to counter it with a nasty Phantom Lancer and Earthshaker combo.

Nevertheless, both teams still share relatively even odds of winning, but we had put our eggs into team SMG’s basket for having the better winning spree. Team SMG has an x1.85 odds against BOOM Esports at x1.97 odds.

Motivate.Trust Gaming vs Polaris Gaming (SEA)

The other BTS Pro Series Season 8 SEA match is the lower bracket game between Motivate.Trust Gaming and Polaris Gaming.

Arguably the most one-sided match-up at the BTS Pro Series Season 8 SEA, MTG is a considerable opponent even for the top dogs in SEA pro scene. Meanwhile, Polaris is heading into the match as an underdog.

However, we do want to note that Polaris made quite the uproar during their previous match with Nigma Galaxy, formerly Galaxy Racer. They managed to defeat the stronger opponent despite the overwhelming odds against them. While viewers are blaming the loss on Nigma Galaxy’s poor execution in team fights, we will have to wait for Polaris to show their teeth again against MTG next.

Regardless, the Dota 2 odds are heavily in favor of MTG at x1.58, while Polaris is at x2.31 odds.

NoPing e-sports vs INF.UESPORTS (Americas)

Over at BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas, it’s all eyes on the South American candidates. Even so, there’s still a distinct power gap between the rising SA stars.

We point the spotlights at NoPing e-sports, the team that missed their opportunity to play at the International 10. They had a decent Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) run but ultimately lost against SG esports. Anyways, NoPing is still a heavy favorite at the BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas, and they have proven their worth by claiming first seed.

Whereas Infamous is by no means a pushover too, having a phenomenal performance in their rights. More importantly, the two titans concluded their encounter with a tie, so we wouldn’t feel too comfortable if we were NoPing.

The odds on N1 Bet reflects that NoPing e-sports still maintains a decent odds of x1.69 against Infamous at x2.18 returns.

D2 Hustlers vs Hokori (Americas)

Beforehand, D2 Hustlers and Hokori deserve some praise for defeating 4 Zoomers and TEAM TEAM respectively. After all, it certainly isn’t an easy task to overthrow the two NA rivals, which had expectations for being a team led by seasoned NA veterans.

Anyways, it’s a lower bracket round between the two wild cards, but we are rather torn on which side to favor here. Not to mention that the odds on both teams are relatively even, at x1.85 and x1.96 odds respectively.

Although we do have to say that D2 Hustlers has a more offensive approach to their team comp, making them a ferocious team at midgame. However, as we saw in their match vs 4 Zoomers if their opponent manages to draw out the game, D2 Hustlers usually fall off exponentially. Hokori on the other hand, favors a more stable draft, where they rather have strong late-game picks that can do midgame farming independently. Well, pick your poison.

Conclusively, it’s an action-packed weekend for all the Dota 2 lovers to enjoy one last hoorah before TI10. The BTS Pro Series Season 8 final match betting slips are exclusively available in several curated Esports bookmakers and they also have bonuses.