Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses looking dominant – LCS Lock-In 2022 Groups

With the imminent start of the quarterfinals of the LCS lock-in phase, we thought it made prudent sense to have a quick look at how the first few matches of the new split have transpired, and the impact that may have as we move towards the spring season.

There are strong storylines and narratives across both groups.

LCS 2022 Lock-in Week 2


Cloud9 dominance continues in Group A

For the sake of structure, we will start with Group A, where Cloud9 have brought back some of their best form from the early part of this decade. They have started with three straight wins to guarantee themselves a spot in the quarters.

Zven has started with aplomb, with averages of 5.67 kills, 1.67 deaths and 8.67 assists per map at a KDA of 8.6. He will have a huge presence in the bottom lane when the spring split eventually picks up speed. Other strong performances in the team include jungler Blaber, who has managed 3.33 kills, 1 death and 11 assists per map at a KDA of 14.33, and mid laner Fudge, with returns of 5.33 kills, 1.67 deaths, 9 assists at a KDA of 8.6 and a creep score of 305.33.

100 Thieves, who will face Cloud9 in the final group stage fixture on Friday night, had begun with two straight wins before losing their previous fixture. They are currently third in Group A. It will be interesting to see of 100 Thieves can maintain their proficiency from the summer split of 2021, especially after going on to have a fantastic postseason.

Both Closer and FBI have started in sprightly offensive form, combining for close to 10 kills per map. Closer has a kill participation rate of 11.67 so far. With 1 death on average per map, that figure of 11.67 is also his KDA.

Golden Guardians are currently at the bottom of the group with three straight losses. It must be noted, however, that they are fielding their Academy roster because of multiple Covid-19 related issues in their team.

Evil Geniuses to dominate Group B

Over in Group B, Evil Geniuses have started with three wins in three matches to lead the group. Top laner Impact has been in absolutely sensational kill participation rhythm with averages of 5.67 kills, 2.33 deaths and 8 assists at a KDA of 5.86. Those are surely atypical results as you wouldn’t expect a top laner to maintain those numbers for much longer.

Team Liquid have stayed true to their method of operation of staying patient in the lanes. They are presently second in Group B with a 2-1 record. However, not even one player has averaged more than three kills per map, an indicator that their overall output comes from a range of avenues without a reliance on either their mid or bot laner.

Immortals are currently bottom after losing all three of their matches while Dignitas (1-1) and Golden Guardians (1-2) are fighting to finish third in the group.

The early signs point to Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, as TSM are also fielding a depleted roster. With Bjergsen back, don’t discount Liquid too early either. The lock-in has provided an interesting dynamic, but we can’t wait for the return of the traditional Spring Split, which is scheduled to start in the first week of February.

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