Call of Duty All-Star Weekend 2021 Info, Voting and Double XP Tokens

The 2021 CoD All-Star Weekend is taking place on May 22nd-23rd.  It is going to be an all virtual endeavor with several fun events and plenty of fan interaction to boot. You can already cast your vote for one player from each of the 12 Call of Duty League teams.

After the success that was last year’s Gunfight tournament, it’s no surprise that the event is back, and much bigger and better. Last year’s winner Cellium is, of course, also part of the event again, but he’s got plenty of talented competition to give him a run for his money. The Gunfight event is coming back as well – the 1v1 event will once again see the best of the best compete in a single elim bracket, each with a random weapon loadout each round. The first player with six wins, will, well, win!

To this end, the first round of the 1v1 pro skills section of this eventful weekend will take place on Saturday 22nd, while the quarter-, semi-, and finals will each take place on Sunday. Following all the competition rounds, there will be a post-show and trophy presentation event lasting for half an hour – so if you just want to see some highlights and find out who won, you’ll want to catch that part, starting at 6.30pm EST on Sunday the 23rd of May!


CoD All-Star Caster fun & Fan interaction

Additionally, there are some more interesting things fans can take part in. Another other main event is the 4v4 caster draft tournament. 4 casters will be picking 4-man teams each from among the 16 pro players. Those 4 will then go on to compete in another single-elim match, played out on Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and Control.

The 4 casters who will be picking their teams from the 16 All-Star pros will be Maven, Merk, Nameless and Studyy. Their 4 man teams will fight across both event days, with Saturday seeing Merk vs Maven and Nameless vs Studyy and Sunday seeing the Finals round featuring the winner of both these events.

As for the interactive parts – Some of the participating All-Star players will be voted in by the fans. One player from each of the 12 teams will be selected by fans voting. 4 more from the same teams will be selected by the coaches. You can already vote on the event’s website, so hurry up and do so – there are less than 2 weeks for fans to make their picks!

Of course, that’s not all – additionally, fans will also be able to make their predictions for the event and be rewarded if they get it right. To be more precise, fans that choose to vote between My 18th and just before the start of the event and pick the winners of each individual bracket have the chance to win some double XP tokens. Each correct prediction will give them one in-game token – though in order to be able to collect these rewards, you’ll need to link your account to the website as well.

All of the action start on May 22nd 3:00 PM EST on the official Call of Duty League Youtube Channel. Check out our Esports News section for more predictions about the upcoming CDL major.