Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Spring Season & Street Fighter V Spring Update

After a disappointing 2020, the Capcom Pro Tour is bouncing back this year. We’ve gotten the first details of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021. The event is still running in the modified version debuted last year, but things should be a bit more polished this time around.

On top of that, there’s been some big news about Street Fighter V. We’ve got the first details of the next big update, in the Street Fighter V Spring Update Showcase. With more characters coming and events to compete in or watch, there is more happening than ever in fighting games right now.


Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Spring Season

The Capcom Pro Tour is one of the major events for fighting games. It began last year, replacing the anticipated Capcom Cup. With international travel still out of the running, the Capcom Pro Tour lets fans watch more localized action. Players compete online rather than in-person. However, with a year of experience now racked up at the event, we can expect a big more from the Capcom Pro Tour than the rushed scheduling of last year.

This season is looking quite a bit brighter. This is what’s coming up at the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Spring Season:

  • The event is continuing the 2020 format that puts global travel to the side.
  • It will consist of 30+ online regional premiers. Each of these will be for one of the 19 territories that the tournament is running in.
  • The total prize pool for this event is over $200,000.
  • The top four finalists of each online premier will get a share of the prize pool.
  • The event is going to open in the JP region. It will run on April 17-18th.
  • Registration for the first round opened March 29th.
  • Winners of the previous Capcom Pro Tour will automatically qualify for the full Capcom Cup which is being held early in 2022.
  • The tournament will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube.

The Capcom Pro Tour Spring Season should be a fun event. After a year of this format, fans and players are a bit more used to the dynamics involved. Online play is never ideal, but with more experience now held, the Pro Tour should be able to play pretty well despite the restrictions. Additionally, the recent netcode update should improve match dynamics and stability. This would ensure increased match fairness than any previous event.

If you’re looking at fighting games betting, you can expect some big matches at this event.

Street Fighter V Spring Update Showcase

On top of the Capcom Pro Tour 20221, we’ve got some early details on what will be announced in the upcoming Street Fighter V update. The Spring Showcase to cover the update is due to be held on April 6th, on the game’s Twitch Channel.

The main focus of this new update is going to be on the new character, Rose and Oro. These fighters were previously announced, but we can expect a lot more information to be released on the two in this event. Quite a bit of content for the game has been pushed back because of ongoing pandemic. With a character previously scheduled for winter 2020 only coming out in February. This new update should give us some more information on the new shape of the roadmap for updates. Rose and a new stage were both due in Spring this year. However, we might have to see how that release date holds up.

Oro and Akira Kazama were originally due to release in Summer 2021, but that might be pushed too.

The Capcom Pro Tour Spring Season will be a fun event of the competitive scene for the game. While the different format is still a challenge, it offers the chance to watch some competitive action despite the restrictions.

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