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CBCS Elite League Season 2 Playoffs Predictions /w GG.BET

The Playoffs at the CBCS Elite League Season 2 are up and running. A total of four matches are going to be played soon, hence we decided to provide our analysis and predictions for all of those matches.

The CSGO odds in today’s selection are courtesy of GG.BET.

Gustavo “yel” Knittel

Paqueta vs DETONA

In the first match of the quarterfinals, Paqueta will battle it out against DETONA. Both teams share similar form as they are sitting on 3 victories out of the last 5 matches played. However, there is one very important factor to take into account, that being map pool.

Paqueta has a much deeper map pool hence why they will have a huge advantage in this match. By removing either Inferno or Mirage, they are setting themselves for success. Ancient, Vertigo, Overpass, and Dust 2 are the maps where Paqueta will have a massive advantage.

In order to summarize this match, here are the important factors. Paqueta is a very skilled team, while DETONA mostly relies on nqz. This will come back to haunt them since CSGO is a team-based game. To make things even better for Paqueta, their map pool is so much better and this is why we believe they will win this match easily.

Prediction: Paqueta to win
Odds: 1.23

SWS vs Bravos

Yet another easy match to predict. Bravos is a much better team in every aspect of CSGO and they should win this match easily. They have won four straight matches, while SWS won 3 out of the last 5 played.

Bear in mind that SWS is a newly formed roster and their map pool is nowhere near Bravos’. We believe that they can put up a solid fight on Nuke and Overpass but they will come nowhere near a map win in this best of 3 series. Bravos is simply that much better hence why we expect a 2:0 victory.

Prediction: Bravos to win 0-2
Odds: 1.74

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Sharks vs Havan Liberty

If we talk about popularity, Sharks will definitely cross your mind. They have been to several Majors. Even though they did not do much there, this is still an important experience that will only benefit them. To be honest, Sharks did look a bit shaky in their last couple of matches, but they pulled through with 3 victories in the last 4 bouts. Havan Liberty, on the other hand, win 2 out of the last 4 played.

Before we start talking about the map pool, you should know that Sharks won 5 out of the 6 maps they played against Havan Liberty and that says a lot about this match. From our point of view, Inferno, Nuke, Ancient, and Dust 2 are Sharks favored map, while we believe Havan Liberty is a better team on Vertigo.

All in all, this is going to be a brawl where only one team can come out on top, that being Sharks. They proved in the past that Havan Liberty fits them well and that they can beat them easily. We are expecting another victory for Lucaozy and his squad.

Prediction: Sharks to win
Odds: 1.61

MiBR vs KG Network

Is it really necessary to talk about this match? MiBR is a team filled with raw talent, experience and firepower. On the other hand, KG Network is one of the worst teams on the Brazilian CSGO scene.

Overall, MiBR is better everywhere, and anything expect a dominant win over the course of 2 maps is going to be a huge upset.

Prediction: MiBR to win 2-1
Odds: 5.92

Overall we are looking at nearly 20x return on our initial investment, which is a good haul for a single round at the CBCS Elite League Season 2 Playoffs. In the following round we expect a real banger between mibr and Sharks, so make sure you stay tuned with our Esports News for future analysis.

Mario Juric

[Staff Writer] Mario just got his law degree, but he found his true passion in esports. He’s been an active member of CSGO community for a while now and he also had a dream of going pro. Mario works hard to bring you all the latest esports news, previews & betting predictions.

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