FaZe and Surge chase perfect run in Week 3 – Call of Duty League 2022

So far, the Call of Duty League in 2022 has been delivering us some incredible performances, and at the end of the week, we will see the final outcome of who will be qualifying for Major 1. Before we speculate what can happen this week, let us look back at what weeks one and two had to offer.

Our focus are Atlanta FaZe and Seattle Surge, the only two teams who managed to earn an identical perfect record coming into Week 3.

ALT FaZe CDL 2022

Atlanta FaZe continues its domination

Everyone who follows CDL knows just how amazing a team Atlanta FaZe is, especially if they watched them play at the 2021 championship. They displayed some of the best plays one could see in the history of CDL and Call of Duty in general.

In the first two weeks of CDL, Atlanta FaZe continued to show why they won the championship last year, as they have gone undefeated in all three matches they have played so far. While the wins were not clean, as they lost a single game against Boston Breach and Los Angeles Thieves, and even two against Paris Legion, the performance was outstanding.

If you have not seen the matches live, you should check out the VODs, as some fantastic moments exist. This is especially the case with the match they played against Paris Legion, as it was the only team so far that almost put a stop to their winning spree.

Seattle Surge is on the rise

While Atlanta FaZe is undoubtedly the favorite of CDL, Seattle Surge seems to have stepped up their gameplay compared to last year, or maybe Vanguard is a game that fits them more. Whatever the case is, they have been dominating the CDL in weeks one and two as they too are 3:0 so far.

They started the CDL with a dominant series against New York Subliners, where they demolished them without losing a single game. Still, then again, NY Subliners seemed to be struggling this season anyway, so it might not be that big of a deal.

What is a bigger deal is that they managed to steal away two series with scores of 3:2 against Minnesota Røkkr and Toronto Ultra. Going into week three, we are pretty excited about what this team will do, as they are playing much better than last year.

Unfortunately, no FaZe vs Surge yet

While it would have been great to see Atlanta FaZe face Seattle Surge in the last week of Major 1, that is unfortunately not going to happen. It would have been quite exciting to see these two teams duke it out so early in CDL, but we will have to wait and see how they perform at the tournament weekend that lasts from Mar 3-6.

Both teams have a tough weekend ahead of them regardless. FaZe will be matching up against Rokkr and the Subliner, while Surge meets the Mutineers and London Royal Ravens. I expect both teams to win both of their duels and enter the major on a high note.

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