Chiefs EC finally top the Oceanic LoL circuit – LCO 2022 Split 1 Update

While we usually cover the major regions in League of Legends, today we will be taking a look at the LCO 2022 Split 1 and how the teams have done so far.

The Oceanic league has been on a steady rise after the full rebuild that came with ESL taking over the reigns of LoL competition in the region. Some teams are finally coming back into their own, and a clear distinction between regional favorites is finally forming.

LCO Split 1 2022 Chiefs

LCO 2022 Spring Split 1 Overview

The LCO 2022 Spring Split 1 is almost coming to end and the standings are pretty much done and dusted. With only one week left, all the playoffs seeds have been decided. The teams that have qualified are: Chiefs Esports Club, PEACE, Pentanet.GG, ORDER and Dire Wolves. All of these teams have gapped the bottom in the triple round-robin, as the 6th place teams have only racked up 5 wins out of the 14 matches played.

This means that most of the matchups in Week 9 will not have much meaning, aside from two particular series. Let’s head to the preview right now.

Pentanet.GG vs CHF – Monday 08:00 CET

The first series is the one between PGG and CHF. Chiefs Esports Club have dominated the LCO this split, winning 18 out of the 19 series they have played, only losing one game against PEACE. Thanks to a new full roster and two Korean imports, CHF has a very solid roster, composed of three carries. Based on the situation, the team can play around the lane they want and execute their drafts accordingly.

Their macro is very solid, as they can basically pick up most of the objectives on the map. Jungler Arthur, who previously played in Hanwha Life Esports, has been dominating in terms of early game presence in full LCK style. With good champion pools, great laning and macro, it shouldn’t be a surprise that CHF are the number of the LCO.

On the other hand, we have PGG, who just like CHF, have actually destroyed the competition below them. The only two teams who have done better are the actual ones who have beat them. Just like CHF, PGG also relies on their two Korean imports BalKhan and Yuri. The jungle mid duo has been the shining stars of the roster, together with Praedyth, one of the best ADCs in the LCO.

With that being said, PGG doesn’t have a good enough top laner that can play strong side as well as CHF. This brings PGG to usually play around mid and bot, hoping that their two main carries can take over the game. While most of the time they do, things can go bad once their lanes cannot create a huge enough lead for the later stages of the game.

PGG need the win if they hope to still get the second seed for playoffs, but I think that CHF will probably take the win. Below you can see the odds for the series:

  • Winner: CHF (1.37x)
  • Map 1 Winner: CHF (1.37x)
  • First Blood: CHF (1.56x)

ORDER vs Dire Wolves – Monday 11:00 CET

ORDER and Dire Wolves are the last two teams that qualified for playoffs. They are very close in the standings, one win from each other while also being 1-1 with their head-to-head record. This means that whoever wins the series will likely be the 4th seed coming into playoffs.

Both teams play in a similar way, mainly relying on their mid-bot duo as the primary damage dealers, with weakside champions on the top side of the map. It will be interesting to see how the two junglers fare off, especially considering ORDER’s Kevy playing more aggressive champions with good carry potential. Goodo, instead, plays more standard and acts as a bridge for his team. Dire Wolves also played with Dante in the ADC role last time out instead of the usual starter Frosts. If the sub will be playing in this series, Dire Wolves might struggle even more.

To round off, I think that ORDER is the better team coming into this series: their jungle and support are good at roaming and making coordinated plays on the map so that will likely give a lead that the team can snowball. Below are the other odds for this match:

  • Winner: ORDER (1.46x)
  • Map 1 Winner: ORDER (1.46x)
  • First Blood: ORDER (1.59x)
  • Total kills odd/even: Odd (1.82x)

By the looks of it, we might finally see Chiefs EC at the international stage after almost 5 years of consistent struggle to return at the top of the Oceanic scene. This could be the start of a monumental year for OCE LoL on the global stage.

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