Class Changes Coming In WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Update

Blizzard seems to have finally learned how to listen to the community, as they are bringing a lot more content between the patches. This time, they are bringing some balance changes to some classes on the PTR. While these changes are not yet released, they are certainly something to look forward to, as they are most likely going to live servers.

Death Knight Changes


@ Icy Veins

Those who already reached the max level in Dragonflight on their Death Knights will have some nice changes to look forward to, as Remorseless Winter, Might of the Frozen Wastes, and Frostreaper has been removed from the talent tree and are instead learned by default on levels 19, 25, and 28 respectively.

There are also some talents moved around, and a new talent called Fatal Fixation is added. This new talent lets Killing Machine stack up to one additional time. While the biggest changes are certainly for the frost DKs, there are some other buffs for Blood that are worth checking out in the blue post.

Monk Changes

Sheilun’s Gift has been doing quite a bit of healing through Mastery: Gust of Mist, and it is now going to exclusively trigger only on the primary target. As compensation, there is a new talent called Legacy of Wisdom which enables the Sheilun’s Gift to heal two additional allies and reduce its cast time by 0.5 seconds. Windwalker is also getting a neat talent called Skytouch, which makes Tiger Palm apply an effect that increases your crit chance by 50% for 6 seconds on the target.

Paladin Changes

Whether it comes to mythic raiding or just completing tasks to fill out the WoW Trading Post meter, Paladins have been quite underwhelming compared to other classes. That is why they are getting a bunch of changes in the 10.0.7 patch.

While the current changes are focused on the core paladin kit as well as some protection changes, the developers are working hard to update the Retribution tree, which will probably be revealed in the near future. The biggest revealed change so far is the one to Retribution Aura, where you get free Avenging Wrath procs when allies die and give some buffs to party members every 30 seconds.

Shaman Changes


@ Icy Veins

There are some changes to Earth Elementals where they will not aggro units that you are not in combat with, but the most exciting change is probably the Swirling Currents. This now increases the healing done by Healing Stream Totem and Cloudburst Totem by 10%/20% for Restoration and 20%/40% for Elemental and Enhancement.

Elemental is also getting some changes to Electrified Shocks by having its duration increased for 3 seconds (now 9 instead of 6), and Restoration is getting some changes to their overall percentage but also the two new talents:

  • Resonant Waters – Increases the duration of Mana Tide Totem by 4 seconds and increases its radius by 20 yards
  • Spiritwalker’s Tidal Totem – After using Mana Tide Totem, the cast time of Healing Wave and Chain Heal is reduced by 50%, and the mana cost of Healing Wave and Chain Heal are reduced by 50% for 10 seconds.

Warlock Changes

There are two abilities that are redesigned for Warlock. The first one is Demonic Inspiration which now increases the attack speed of your primary pet by 5% and increases Grimoire of Sacrifice damage by 15%. The second one, Wrathful Minion now increases the damage done by your primary pet by 5% and increases Grimoire of Sacrifice damage by 15%. Affliction is also getting a 2-second increase on Dread Touch (now lasts 8 seconds instead of 6).

Check Out PTR For Full Changes

While we covered some of the most important changes, we suggest checking out the PTR for all of the possible changes to come in the next patch that is going to hit the live servers and help you in your WoW mythic raiding goals. Of course, since these changes are on the PTR, it is always important to assume that some changes are just not going to come through.