COD Mobile Season 9 Update – Conquest is coming this Sunday

Popular mobile shooter Call of Duty Mobile just released news on its latest update. The long awaited Season 9 update is finally coming out later this week – specifically, on August 16th. It will be available across both Android and iOS mobiles.

Activision deliberately waited until the very last moment to release info on the update – along with additional info on Ranked Series 6, which will be arriving around the same time. It’s as of yet unclear whether Ranked Season 6 will be out at the same time as CoD Mobile Season 9 or just around the same time, but we do know a fair bit about the new season!

COD Mobile Season 9 Update - Conquest is coming!

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CoD Mobile Season 9 fine lines

No exact launch time was given, so you’ll have to keep your eye on the app store for when the update will release exactly. Activision have already revealed that it will be one of the most significant (and biggest) patches ever released in the game, so be prepared for the download to take a little while.

This promise of a huge patch also hints at a number of new features and additional content in the Conquest season. One feature we do know about is the reveal and implementation of the Gunsmith feature that will let players tweak and customise their weapons.

To keep things simple, weapons of different rarity all share the same progression now – so instead of having to level up both your epic and legendary weapon separately, levelling up one will also advance the rest.

Existing users will see that the base weapons they already own will be maxed out at the highest level of a variant you have. So, if you’ve advanced your M4 – Black Gold to, say, level 11, the base M4 will also have that level after the update.

Gunsmith details arrive

Base weapon variations are now grouped as either camos or blueprints – all uncommon and rare variants will be camos. You can apply them to and customise your base weapon as you like – in addition to the other camos that you can earn through grinding.

Don’t worry if you get a new camo for a weapon you don’t have yet – you’ll automatically unlock the base weapon while you do so. Epic and Legendary variants will be blueprints – they will have their own camo along with a set of weapon attachments that come along with them. 5 attachments for legendary ones, 4 for epic ones. Of course, these blueprints will also have their own unique visuals, dynamic camos, death effects and more.

Here’s what Activision said about the CoD Mobile Season 9 update:

“This update is massive and as a result it falls outside of our normal cadence of releases. Everything with Gunsmith, the new BR changes, and all of the new seasonal content have been a significant challenge and one we think is worth taking in order to provide one of the best and biggest Call of Duty: Mobile updates of 2020.”

Finally, we can be confident CoD Mobile Esports is expected to explode later this year. The new update and ranked season are only here to hasten the transition into a full blown competitive ecosystem.

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