Activision Is About To Reveal Everything About SBMM

Something that we never thought possible is about to happen. In the coming weeks, Activision and its teams are going to reveal (almost) everything about skill-based matchmaking. In a statement that addressed SBMM for the first time, ‘The Call of Duty Team’ stated that it’ll be putting together a deep dive into SBMM and how it works following the launch of Season 01, which drops in just a few days. Now, it’s up to the community to decide whether or not it’ll believe what’s said.

It was news broken through a simple statement that was loaded with potential. For years, players have been burdened with conspiracy theories about skill-based matchmaking. From the thousands of lengthy videos on the topic to technical studies, and from full-blown arguments to claims that it’s ruining the Call of Duty series, SBMM has been at the heart of so much over the last few years.

It’s all about to be revealed.

But Will It?


It’s hard to imagine that Activision and its associated Call of Duty studios (Treyarch, Sledgehammer, Raven, Infinity Ward, etc) will give up the industry secrets when it comes to skill-based matchmaking. As the statement says (see below), this complex, algorithm-driven mechanic is the culmination of a decade of work involving several teams. It has been tweaked and toyed with over the last ten years, and it still isn’t perfect – it’s forever a work in progress.

It does feel like Modern Warfare 3 has it particularly bad, though. It was awful in Modern Warfare 2 (2022), and it’s worse in this year’s Call of Duty game. It feels like you’re punished for having one good game, and that you’re constantly being matched with bizarre players that either feel like AI-driven bots or Call of Duty League ‘wannabe’ players with meta movement and the most cracked aim imaginable.

As everyone will claim, that’s the result of SBMM that’s too ‘overpowering’.

Here’s the statement released by the Call of Duty team:

‘We know there is a lot of interest in the matchmaking experience, especially around how skill contributes to how lobbies and matches are put together. Nothing is more important to use than the experience players have with the game, and matchmaking is a big part of that. We’ve been working on our matchmaking system for well over ten years, and we continue to spend a ton of time and energy on improving the matchmaking process. This involves people working at our Call of Duty studios, our backend services teams at Demonware, and other groups like our player insights team.

It’s a large effort that we’ve worked on for many years, and our approach combines latency, search time, and skill, along with many other factors, to try to find the best match experience for you. Talking about this topic in detail can be hard, and we haven’t spent the time to pull together all of our work to share with you our insights and improvements over the many years. We’re looking forward to doing that in the coming weeks after Season 1 launches, and we’ll also make it a part of our ongoing discussions with the community.’

But exactly what will be revealed? We’ll have the news as soon as it drops on

Stay tuned for more Call of Duty news

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