Fresh content for Call of Duty Black Ops III and World War II in June

There was no shortage of prominent competition for Call of Duty fans and professional players this month. The best is yet to come because the most important events are scheduled for the second half of 2018. Meanwhile, developers provide players with the incentive to spend more time in game to enjoy the latest content. There are new community events to explore in Call of Duty Black Ops III and some really cool additions to CoD World War II.

Join Call of Duty: Black Ops III Operation Heatwave

The addition of the Operation Heatwave community events didn’t go unnoticed by CoD fans. This is the last chance for players to earn twice as many experience points and Double Weapon XP, because the campaign ends this week. They have until June 29 at 10 AM PT to put their skill to the test in the two brand new multiplayer modes. Since it went live, Operation Heatwave brought new gear and powerful weapons, to turn the heat up a notch for enthusiastic players.


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A new community event would be incomplete without new maps being added.”Snipers Only” is a name whose name speaks for itself, as it appeals to those who enjoy taking out enemies from a distance. It pits snipers against each other in a highly competitive game mode that breathes fresh life into Call of Duty Black Ops III. The other match goes by the name of “Sticks and Stones” and it is very popular among the fans of the franchise. It is the exact opposite of the previous map, as it invites players to make it personal with killing blows delivered from up close.

The newly released cards are nothing to frown upon and two weapons stand out from the crowd. M14 is perfect for those who seek a gun with a steady fire rate that has long range, but it’s only available until July 11. The addition of the ‘Dragoon’ Sniper Rifle is refreshing for those who were hoping for a gun capable of taking out hostiles with a single shot.

A new way to play Call of Duty World War II

By 1944 advanced war machinery and weapons have rendered swords virtually useless. That’s why some players might be surprised to discover the Claymore when they join a Call of Duty World War II match in the last week of June. Developers found it worthwhile to bring one of the most beautiful and oldest two-handed weapons back into the spotlight. Wielding it on the fields of battle in World War II will only feel weird for a little bit, before everything becomes really exciting.


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Furthermore, players can strike terror into the hearts of opponents, by wearing the latest Zombie Slayer Uniform. It goes without saying that the classic weapons that CoD World War II know and love are here to stay. Just for a while, the Claymore will grant the much-needed distraction from a serious game and provide players with the means to have some mindless fun.