Boston Breach Now Holds The CDL Loss Streak Record

Boston Breach has officially secured the record for the longest unbroken loss streak in Call of Duty League history. If we dig into the numbers, we might find that it’s the record for the longest loss streak in COD esports history, but that’s just adding salt into the wound for Boston Breach.

Presently, the team is sitting on a devastating loss streak of 15 matches, having failed to secure a single win since March 17. Sadly, Boston Breach has been putting up a fight but the team just can’t seem to close out a series – eight of those 15 matches ended on the fifth map. Boston Breach is all but guaranteed to not be attending COD Champs this year, which means it could be around two weeks before the 2024 season ends for the squad.

From Something to Nothing

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Most fans are brokenhearted about Preistahh, who last year secured two Major wins and a victory at COD Champs over Toronto Ultra. It was one of the quickest grand finals in COD esports history, and it put Toronto Ultra to shame. This year, he has taken up a starting spot with a team that has long failed to get enough traction to win even the most basic qualifier matches in most cases.

Now that Boston Breach has secured this record, Priestahh has entered the history books once again – but this time, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

The CDL’s fourth Major of 2024 is underway now, with the qualification fixtures being played online. It’s the last moment for teams to earn the crucial points needed to get a spot in COD Champs. It’s the biggest event in the Call of Duty esports space, and it boasts a massive prize pool – all of which Boston will almost certainly miss out on.

In the coming weeks (not counting the Major), Boston Breach has to face off against OpTic Texas and the Carolina Royal Ravens. Will the team land a single victory before the main season is up? At this rate, it’ll have one chance at Major IV to score a win before being ejected from the competition.

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