Call of Duty 2024 – What’s Coming Next For Call of Duty?

There are plenty of rumours circulating regarding ‘Call of Duty 2024’ and what the project might bring. For a while, it was set to be the next major release after 2022’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, but it was claimed in May 2023 that Modern Warfare III would launch later in the year. For now, all fans can do is speculate about Call of Duty 2024 and what the next game in the series may contain – but there is some information out there.

It has been suggested that Call of Duty’s 2024 project will be a follow-up to 2020’s Black Ops Cold War. There have been claims that it’ll be a direct sequel to the game, taking the theatre of war to the Gulf War, which ran during the 1990s. Historically, Call of Duty hasn’t touched the Gulf War, so it could be a franchise-first topic if it turns out that it’s true.

Most of what’s ahead is made up of speculation or rumours, but we’ll update this article over time if any new information is uncovered or leaked!

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What Is The Next Call of Duty (2024)?

The next Call of Duty will reportedly be Modern Warfare III – but that’s supposedly dropping in November 2023.

But what about 2024? It’s almost guaranteed that a new Call of Duty game will surface in 2024, but what will it actually be, what kind of modes will it feature, will it have a campaign, and so on? There are so many questions that we can ask – and answer – and all of them are relevant. With each passing year, the list of all Call of Duty games gets ever-larger, and with each passing season, fans remain locked in, engaged, and eager to learn as much as possible about the next Call of Duty game.

There have been no solid Call of Duty 2024 leaks up until now, but there are suggestions based on evidence and claims that are circulating – and have been so for some time.

For instance, now that we believe 2023’s Call of Duty title to be Modern Warfare III, it means one of three things will happen:

  1. Black Ops will receive a sequel, which is the most likely scenario
  2. An existing Call of Duty game (WWII, Advanced Warfare, etc) will receive a follow-up, which is the second-most likely scenario
  3. We’ll see an entirely new Call of Duty game, set in a brand-new universe, which is the least likely scenario

In terms of a Call of Duty 2024 release date, we can speculate that – whatever the game is – it’ll drop between October and December 2024, in keeping with the tradition that has seen Call of Duty games release towards the end of the year for more than a decade.

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What Consoles Will Call of Duty 2024 Be On?

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It’s likely that the next iteration of Call of Duty will be on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC – but there’s a chance that it could be released on Nintendo Switch. It’s unlikely at this point that the game will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, given that, by then, those platforms will be outdated by more than four years. If Call of Duty 2024 does release on PS4 and Xbox One, it’ll be a low-res, restricted version.

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Once upon a time, Black Ops III was released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, and for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, a ‘slimmed down’ version was released. There’s a track record there for that kind of thing to happen, and it’d honestly make sense if Activision – and all associated studios – followed that path once again.

Will Call of Duty 2024 Get a New Warzone Map?

In 2020, Warzone was released, and Verdansk surfaced for the first time ever, with the game being built on the back of the success of 2019’s Modern Warfare. Then, to celebrate the launch of Black Ops Cold War, a refreshed, reimagined version of Verdansk was released. When Call of Duty Vanguard launched in 2021, Caldera was introduced – and it almost killed Warzone. Finally, when Modern Warfare II was released in 2022, it brought with it Warzone 2.0, an entirely new, fresh experience.

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With all that in mind, it makes complete sense that a fresh Warzone experience will arrive with Call of Duty 2024. It’ll likely feature an all-new map, modes, weapons, challenges, and perhaps much more customisation and a more open-ended style of play. It may also be that Call of Duty’s DMZ overflows into Call of Duty 2024, broadening the extraction shooter experience that has already been such a hit with COD fans the world over.

There are rumours that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III will release in 2023, and that will bring a new Warzone map – this time, it’ll be called Las Almas.

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Has There Been Any Call of Duty 2024 Leaks?

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Image Credit: Activision

We haven’t had any tangible leaks regarding Call of Duty 2024, but there is plenty that we can speculate on.

Firstly, moving away from the Modern Warfare series once again means that developers will be much freer to work with the movement in the next Call of Duty game. This could mean that things get much faster once again, with movement mechanics becoming the order of the day. There is always the possibility that a ‘jetpack’ Call of Duty will surface in 2024, bringing hyper-fast, high-octane movement mechanics to the series, the likes of which haven’t been seen in more than five years.

If the developers listen to the community, they’ll make the TTK (time-to-kill, a Call of Duty term), much longer, meaning fights will be a little more balanced. There will also be much more of a focus on traditional Call of Duty gameplay, and that means putting time and effort into perfecting the six vs. six modes. It may mean scrapping some of the larger, more ambitious modes – like Invasion and Ground War – but fans are crying out for a revitalised core multiplayer experience.

If Call of Duty 2024 is indeed set in the Gulf War, there are again a few things that we can speculate:

  • It’ll be Middle Eastern forces versus Western forces, much like in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (and some of Modern Warfare 2)
  • There will be lots of desert-themed maps and urban environments
  • There will be plenty of typical, ballistic weapons, like the M4A1, the M16, and the AK-47
  • It’ll be boots-on-the-ground, and potentially quite realistic and gritty

There’s no knowing what the Warzone offering will look like, though. If it’s set in the regions where the Gulf War took place, it’ll be too similar to Al Mazrah, but maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Are you excited about the potential wrapped up in Call of Duty 2024?

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