Call of Duty does spectacularly at the Esports Awards 2018

The esports awards ceremony in London can easily be called the Oscars of gaming – the prestigious ceremony that took place on Monday saw Call of Duty doing particularly well this year. Overall, nine nominations were made for the esport – an impressive seven of them were voted into the top three spots of their respective categories, and three of the seven placed first.

Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams, a pro 100 Thieves player won two awards at once – he placed first in the Console Rookie of the Year category, and also came in third for the Console Player of the Year award. He played a pretty big role in the great season his team – Team Kaliber – had in WWII. The team won three major tournaments including taking the top spot at the 2018 CWL Championship. Congratulations Kenny, well done!


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FaZe Clan’s Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner was nominated in the Console Rookie of the Year category as well – he came in third, after Kenny and the FIFA World Champ ‘Msdossary’. His FaZe Clan teammate Dillon ‘Attach’ Price got a first-place award for his play in the grand finals of the CWL Pro League Stage One Playoffs – his play was voted Play of the Year.

That’s an impressive award to receive for sure – he gained it in a gutsy move against OpTic Gaming that ended up securing an important S&D stage. Ultimately, it helped FaZe win their first major event in a little over three years – that’s quite a comeback!

CWL caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans received the Broadcaster of the Year award for his work during the WWII season – in particular, for the CWL Champs event this August. He was quick to show his excitement on Twitter:

As for Champs, the event itself did pretty well too. It was voted third in the category of Live Event of the Year. The seventh and last award that CoD managed to snatch up was a third place in Breakthrough Game of the Year, where it was beaten by Fortnite and Dragon Ball Figtherz.

Overall the esports awards 2018 featured 22 categories with at least 12 nominees each – considering that, CoD really did spectacularly well! The categories awarded here are quite unique (as we would expect from an esports event of this type). Among them were gems like ‘Esports Unsung Hero of the Year’ that went to Milos ‘Faceit Mikey’ Nedeljkovic, ‘Esports PC Rookie of the Year’ that went to Gabriel ‘Bwipo’ Rau and ‘Esports Team of the Year’ that went to CS:GO Team Astralis.

If you’re curious about the Esports Publisher of the Year award (a category that featured just about every great publisher out there plus EA) – this year’s winner was Blizzard, a nice addition to the other prize the company won: Esports Game of the Year this year was Overwatch! Congratulations to all winners, whether they are CoD players or not – you really earned your awards!

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