Call of Duty League 2024 Schedule Revealed, Report Claims

It has been one of the longest off-season periods in the history of the Call of Duty League – but it might be about to end. For the last five months, professional COD players have been contending with a lack of competition, resorting to playing other games to fill the void. However, thanks to a recent claim published by a prominent Call of Duty reporter, it seems that we have only a few weeks left before the Call of Duty League 2024 season opens up.

It’s one of the most notable, recurring issues in the Call of Duty esport scene – the off-season. Every year, the Call of Duty League Championship takes place, the winning team is confirmed, and then a gulf of silence kicks in. This year’s off-season was filled somewhat by the World Series of Warzone, but outside of that, no tournaments are being played – which is typical for Call of Duty.

How long do we have until the Call of Duty League 2024 season begins?

Has The CDL 2024 Schedule Been Confirmed?

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On Twitter, Jacob Hale posted a report outlining the schedule for the Call of Duty League 2024 season. His sources weren’t confirmed but he has a strong track record with Call of Duty esports news. In his breakdown, he made it clear when the various stages and major tournaments will take place through 2024 but stressed that it’s all subject to change. At present, we’ve had no indication of how this year’s CDL season will unfold, but here’s what Jacob Hale claimed is going to happen:

Major I

  • Qualifiers: Dec 8th – Jan 21st
  • LAN: Jan 25th – 28th

Major II

  • Qualifiers: Feb 16th – Mar 17th
  • LAN: Mar 21st – 24th

Major III

  • Qualifiers: Apr 12th – May 12th
  • LAN: May 16th – 19th

Major IV

  • Qualifiers: May 24th – Jun 16th
  • LAN: Jun 20th – 23rd


  • July 11th – 14th

Hale expanded on this report by claiming that Major I will be played in Boston… In January. That’ll make for interesting weather. He explained that Major I’s qualifying stage will have a three-weak festive break and that LAN will have a greater point weighting than the online portion of the competition.

Reportedly, the official announcement is expected for November 2nd, which means we have mere days to wait to find out if this information is legitimate and confirmed by Activision Blizzard.

Interview: The Future of COD, by a COD Creator

The Biggest COD Tournament Around

Out of all the Call of Duty tournaments available (and there aren’t many), the Call of Duty League is by far the most prolific. It’s the top tier of Call of Duty esports, and it’s where world champions are crowned. Last season, a spectacle unfolded that saw the New York Subliners go from being an underrated team to a three-time champion, winning Major I, Major V, and the Call of Duty League Championship in one sweep.

There are high expectations for the squad this season, but there’s plenty of competition. Some teams are yet to finalise their rosters, but as Activision Blizzard reveals the full season ahead, things will start to shape up for the better.

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