Call of Duty Season 4 (May 29) Looks Incredible

Call of Duty’s Season 4 update is on the horizon and a recent roadmap reveal has detailed everything that’s on the way. From new maps and modes to the launch of the World Series of Warzone’s qualifying stage, there’s so much for Call of Duty fans to look forward to in Season 4. Let’s dive straight into the roadmap and break down everything coming in the next major season of Modern Warfare 3 and COD Warzone.

Season 4 is Staggering

season 4 (1)

When Season 4 commences on May 29, players will get access to a vast and diverse content packet. Strangely, the season is being headed up by Soap MacTavish, who appears to be wearing some kind of futuristic breathing apparatus, like Darth Vader. If you’ve played the campaign for Modern Warfare 3, you’ll know that Soap bit the bullet in the fight against Makarov, so it looks like he has (somehow) been brought back to life.

For Warzone, there’s plenty of content coming. There’s a ‘Buy Back Solos’ mode entering the rotation as well as a new public event – Runaway Train. POI updates are coming in along with fresh rewards and new Gulag variants, and the game’s bunkers have been overhauled. During the season, we’ll also see the World Series of Warzone qualifying stages start, ushering in a new generation of the popular battle royale-themed esports tournament.

Modern Warfare 3 is also getting a massive content boost. Aside from the typical battle pass reward system, there are four new 6v6 maps (Tokyo, Paris, Incline, and Das Gross) as well as six new modes, including Demolition. Players will be able to unlock a new ‘Mission Control Vest’ and a new gear item called ‘Compression Plate’, and four new killstreaks are entering the fray:

  • Loitering Munition
  • IMS
  • Missile Drone
  • DNA Bomb

It Keeps Going

Four new weapons are coming to Call of Duty with the Season 4 update:

  • KAR 98K Marksman Rifle
  • Superi 46 Assault Rifle
  • Reclaimer 18 Shotgun
  • Sledgehammer Melee

It’s a great spread. The KAR 98K is one of the most iconic weapons in Call of Duty history and one of the best Warzone snipers ever. The Super 46 is modelled on the STM-9, a rapid-fire, low-power carbine, and the Reclaimer 18 is a reimagination of the Spas-12 shotgun.

With all these elements come three new operators, two in-season events, a Gundam crossover, and new rewards for Ranked Play – along with a season refresh, as usual. Sadly, all the COD Zombies fans are getting is another Unstable Rift – nothing else. It’s expected that COD Zombies will be sunsetted as COD 2024 approaches, as Activision’s studios haven’t touched the mode in a meaningful way in months.

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