Call of Duty endowment brings back the CWL All-Star Game

CoD fans prepare for the most important tournament of this month, the 2018 Call of Duty World League Anaheim Open. It is a place where professional teams compete for a significant prize pool and glory. Matches are broadcasted live and the most successful participants receive a generous chunk of cash and CWL points. This year is special because thanks to the Call of Duty Endowment, the Call of Duty World League All-Star Game will return on June 16.

A Friendly Game for a Worthy Cause

Call of Duty Endowment CWL All-Star Game will feature eight professional players who participated in the CWL Pro League Stage 2. They will play in a Pro-Mod Search and Destroy friendly game aimed at raising awareness about CWL’s official charity. Participants from both Division A and Division B will promote this cause and their names will be decided by the players. The goal is to get everyone involved and behind the charity established in 2016.


The first CWL All-Star Game took place two years ago, and consisted in a single elimination Search and Destroy tournament. It was actually at the CWL Anaheim Open in 2017 when the first official CWL All-Star Game was held. The quality of the players involved and the fact that they could play pressure free ensured the success of the event. There were some doubts regarding the future of the event, but the organizers gained enough traction this year to bring the All-Star Game back into the spotlight.

Call of Duty endowment helps unemployed veterans

The main goal of the CWL All-Star Game is to help veterans find high-quality jobs. Organizers are optimistic about their chances of providing assistance to as many as 50,000 people. They expect them to get back to work by 2019 and can already boast about aiding 46,000. They provide the funds required for these people to get the training they need, for a swift return to the workforce.


The names of the participating players for Division A were decided at the end of May, when the CWL Community made this choice. Kenny Williams and Martin Chino are among those whose presence was confirmed and they used to play together for Team Kaliber. Meanwhile, Call of Duty fans can still vote for the players that will represent Division B to the All-Star Game. They should know that it is only possible to choose one player from one of the top four teams, but there are plenty of worthy choices.

The final configuration of the teams that will play in the friendly game will be made official on June 12. All the matches played at the 2018 Call of Duty World League Anaheim Open will be broadcasted live. This includes the CWL All-Star Game and this kind of exposure will guarantee the enduring popularity of the event. Past performance suggests that these friendly games featuring Call of Duty superstars playing pressure free are also the most enjoyable to watch.