Is Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch?

Call of Duty has been around for more than twenty years – it’s a franchise that has come to be appreciated by hundreds of millions of gamers. It’s the most popular shooter series in history, spanning several console generations and countless devices. However, recent trends have revealed that curious users are asking one core question: ‘Is Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch?’ There’s a lot of talk about bringing Call of Duty to Nintendo Switch, and we’re going to dive into that topic in this breakdown.

For many millions of gamers out there, having a COD for Switch would be the ultimate gaming box-tick. These days, handheld gaming is soaring in popularity, and being able to play a top-tier Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch would be fantastic and would be a dream for some gamers.

So, let’s get to the core of the question: Is Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch?

Can You Play Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch?

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Unfortunately, Call of Duty isn’t on Nintendo Switch – yet. Historically, very few Call of Duty games have found their way to a Nintendo console, except a few spin-off titles landing on Nintendo DS. The only full Call of Duty releases to make their way to a Nintendo console were Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Black Ops II. These games both landed on the WiiU console in 2013 and 2012, respectively.

Since then, no other Call of Duty game has emerged on a Nintendo platform. It seems bizarre, given that there’s a Call of Duty Mobile product and that Call of Duty Warzone is on every other platform besides a Nintendo console, for example. It’s a sad fact for fans of the epic shooter franchise, but there is simply no COD on Switch.

But will there ever be a COD for Switch?

When is Call of Duty Coming to Nintendo?

In March 2023, Activision explained that Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)could be‘ ported to Nintendo Switch with relative ease. It was a promising note for fans who felt starved of a good shooter title on Nintendo’s flagship console, but it was more a passing comment than a promise of things to come.

However, it didn’t end there. On the subject of introducing a COD on Switch, Microsoft penned a 10-year deal with Nintendo, pledging to bring Call of Duty to the Nintendo ecosystem if the acquisition between Activision Blizzard and Microsoft were to be successful. At the time of publishing, this acquisition is still unravelling, and it’s meeting resistance from regulatory bodies that want to oppose the acquisition.

So, if that acquisition is to go ahead, then there’s a fantastic and irrefutable chance that Call of Duty will come to Nintendo Switch. Not only that, but Nintendo is overdue for announcing an all-new platform, so shortly when that happens, it’ll bolster the chances for Call of Duty to make an appearance on whatever comes next.

Can Call of Duty Run on Switch?

In recent years, many top-tier titles have been ported to the Nintendo Switch, such as Outer Worlds, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Dying Light, and many more. For the most part, these ports run relatively well on the Nintendo Switch, but they’re far from perfect.

If Call of Duty were to be ported to Nintendo Switch, we’d see a downscaled, low-res version of what already exists, but there’s no doubt that the hybrid console could handle one of the games in the series. It’d run at a lower frame rate and have weaker textures, shadows, and render distance, but it could work. There’s a ‘Switch 2’ on the horizon which will undoubtedly boast much more advanced hardware and components, so that should make running Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch much easier.

Let’s see what the future holds – Call of Duty isn’t dying anytime soon, after all.

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