OpTic Texas Dominates Another Weekend in the CDL

OpTic Texas has gone from strength to strength in the last few months. While the squad is yet to secure a chip this season, two T2 finishes have shown that the team has the potential to go all the way. Once again, OpTic remains the favourite to win Major V. This weekend, the team went on another spree, dropping just one map and decimating Toronto Ultra and Atlanta FaZe, two of the most revered teams in the League.

These wins now put OpTic Texas in a very favourable position. It’s the only team to boast a perfect record through the Major V qualifying stage, winning bounty matches and quickly settling grudges. It’s arguably the sharpest OpTic roster we’ve seen for years, perhaps going as far back as the 2017 season, which saw OpTic Gaming secure the Championship with Scump, FormaL, Crimsix, and Karma.

Could OpTic Texas Secure The Trophy?

In recent years, OpTic has remained strong in the Call of Duty scene despite not winning any major trophies – bar one, which the team secured early in the 2022 season. Following a series of changes within the squad, it seems as though a fresh dynasty is in the process of being formed. If Texas could win Major V and then COD Champs – mirroring LA Thieves’ performance from last year – then there’d be no questioning that this could be the best OpTic roster of all time.

This weekend, Texas threw down against FaZe and Ultra, producing massive wins in both fixtures. It was another addition to the streak that has now allowed OpTic Texas to sit just fifteen points behind first place in the regular season standings. Overall, the team has the best win record for the season, and there are such high expectations for the team as the Call of Duty League Championship – taking place in Las Vegas in June – comes ever closer.

Comms are sharp, rotations are on point, the playmaking from Shotzzy and Ghosty is on another level, and every member of the team seems to be gelling so well. The chemistry is there, the gunny is there, and OpTic Texas could have no issues in winning Major V on May 28th.

Legion Cannot Be Counted Out

It’s the final chance for teams to break into COD Champs 2023, and for some, that dream has already been shattered. At present, the London Royal Ravens and the LA Guerrillas are both out of the running for COD Champs – but they can go against all odds and make a run at Major V.

There’s one team making a strong play for qualification, and that’s the Las Vegas Legion. There are just ten points between Legion and qualification right now, and only Minnesota Rokkr standing in the way of the team. This weekend, Legion laid waste to Rokkr, pushing a fixture to a fifth map and pulling out one of the cleanest Search and Destroy rounds in recent weeks. During the closing skirmishes, Legion wrapped up the match with some of the fastest rounds we’ve ever seen, with newcomer Fame being left last alive for Rokkr one time too many and being unable to clutch up.

However, in the coming weeks, Rokkr has two more opportunities to scrape up points, but it’ll need to do so against LA Thieves and Toronto Ultra. Legion, on the other hand, has one remaining fixture against Seattle Surge, and the team could easily close that one out.

Elsewhere In The Competition…

LA Thieves continued to flounder this weekend, dropping a series against the Florida Mutineers, a team that sits third from the bottom at the moment. Following a Major win, the LA Thieves have collapsed, and at present, the squad sits on a qualifying stage record of 0 – 3.

It was a relatively mixed bag for every other team in the Call of Duty League this weekend, though. For instance, Boston Breach went on a spree and handed Florida a doughnut before falling against Seattle Surge in a complete breakdown. The London Royal Ravens posted one of the best Control rounds in recent months against FaZe, with rookie Uli securing almost 40 kills, but then the match just got away from the team, and FaZe closed it out.

There’s now one final week in the Major V qualifying stage, and then it’s time to settle up in the last Major of the season. Here are some key matches to keep your eye on, particularly if you’re at all interested in esports betting:

  • London Royal Ravens vs. LA Thieves
  • Florida Mutineers vs. OpTic Texas
  • Seattle Surge vs. New York Subliners
  • Atlanta FaZe vs. Boston Breach

See you next week!

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