Toronto Ultra Warzone: Day 2 overview and expectations

Some of the top teams in North America are currently competing in the Toronto Ultra Warzone competition. Across the entire tournament, 32 teams are competing for a $100.000 prize pool. Half of that ($50K) will go to the first-place team, $30k to the second, and so on.

Toronto Ultra Warzone: Day 2 overview and expectations

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Toronto Ultra Warzone Day 1 Recap

Yesterday’s first day already saw plenty of big names competing – among them pro players as well as streamers like TimTheTatMan, DrLupo and Tfue, all of which are competing with their respective teams.

The Call of Duty competition on Day 1 ended with Teams like Kayzahr, Nickmercs, Rated, Aydan and Spratt in the top spots, while other well known teams like those of TimTheTatMan and DrLupo are currently sitting a little lower in the standings. There is a pretty huge gap in points across the leaderboard however. The current standings leader Rated is sitting at 418 points, while team #300, Team Universal, has 64 points. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everything is done yet – the sky is the limit for these talented Warzone players!

We do expect Teams Kayzahr, Nickmercs and Aydan to easily keep plowing forward and nearly double their total points. Everything below position 8 however still has plenty of matches to look forward to.

Day 2 Schedule & Structure

The schedule for Toronto Ultra Warzone Day 2 will see 4 hours of matches before a single-elimination bracket decides who gets to advance even further. There will be a short break for the casters and teams in between the two formats.

Day two has a special format in terms of scoring. Points are awarded for wins and final placements. Only the best three matches count towards a team’s score. After all scores are tallied up,  the top eight teams in total score from each game advance to single elimination bracket.

If you’re so inclined, you can even buy yourself some Toronto Ultra Warzone merch. Clothes and other bits and bobs are available in the Call of Duty League shop, including authentic jerseys in multiple colors with the official event design.

Watching the tournament

You can watch the Toronto Ultra Warzone tournament tuning into the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. The casters on Day 2 are Puckett, Maven, Merk and Lottie. They will be casting the stream, with additional appearances from other Toronto Ultra Warzone guests during the streams. Be sure to tune in for the second day when the teams do their best to secure themselves a top-8 spot to move into the elim-bracket. Everything is still open, even teams currently in lower placement are full of spirit and ready to fight for the win!

You’ll also probably want to tune in for the Call of Duty League Playoffs later this month. Between August 19th and 23rd, the playoffs for the Championship Weekend are taking place. The Championship itself is happening on August 29th and 30th so don’t miss out!

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